Massively: The Daily Grind: How much have you spent on your MMO habit?

Massively writes:

"Once upon a time, I sat down with a calculator and counted the months I'd spent playing World of Warcraft, multiplied by $15, added in costs for game boxes and character transfers... and came to a sum, in the end, that shocked me. (Though, considering the hours of enjoyment I've gotten from the game thus far, perhaps it shouldn't.) And that number was without spending a dime on buying characters, gear, gold, or paying for leveling. Putting the ethics of RMT aside for the moment, I must say I'm glad of it, as it means I've never had the opportunity to loose even more cash to an MMO, as in yesterday's story of an EVE player who lost $19,000 buying ISK. (Yes, you read that number correctly. It's a one and a nine followed by three zeros. Count 'em: three!) While that certainly makes my financial losses seem practically frugal by comparison, The Daily Grind is all about getting your opinions. So today, I ask: how much have you spent feeding your MMO habit?"

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