Game Over: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Review

Game Over writes: "I had an SNES as a kid, and as such, my initial reaction to hearing about HD Remix was, "...not this crap again." Capcom released three separate versions of Street Fighter II for home systems back in the day, as well as two additional versions on the arcade.

The Genesis and 3DO both got versions of SF2 as well, and every system since then has received some flimsy justification for an arcade-perfect version of SF2, from Street Fighter Alpha 3 Gold to Street Fighter Anniversary Collection. This dead horse has not just been beaten, but flayed, dressed, boned, and jointed. Bringing out yet another version of it seemed to be belaboring the point.

HD Remix, though, isn't the instant cash grab I expected it to be. In the last fifteen years or so, a nerd subculture has risen because of Street Fighter 2, ranging from the hardcore tournament players to the dozens of games it's inspired. HD Remix is a sort of celebration of the original game, and of what it's given rise to. "

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