Armchair General: Vae Victis Expansion for EU: Rome Review

Armchair General writes: "In 387 BC, an army of Gauls had taken most of Rome and were besieging the remaining Roman garrison on the Capitoline hill. The Gaul's leader, Brennus, demanded 1,000 pounds of gold as ransom to leave the city alone. The Romans brought out their gold, but they noticed that the weights and balances the Gauls were using were fixed. The Romans complained to Brennus, who became angry, drew his sword and threw it on the balance. "Vae Victis", he declared, or woe to vanquished. This was a lesson Rome would never forget.

One of the reasons why Paradox is such a strategy-game powerhouse is that they never stop improving their core titles. So now, six months after Europa Universalis: Rome hit the store shelves, Paradox has released the first expansion; Vae Victis."

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