NWVault: NWN2: Storm of Zehir Review

NWVault writes: "Storm of Zehir marks a slight change of pace from last year's epic Mask of the Betrayer. Returning to its AD&D roots, Storm sees you assemble a party of four adventurers, bound by ship for the exotic land of Samarach. The characters in the party are entirely yours to create which gives you a good chance to try out some of the new classes added in the expansion. During the course of your adventures you can also add up to two cohorts you meet along the way. With a large party and one mostly designed by the player, you shouldn't expect large amount of interaction between the party members, in contrast to Mask and the OC where your companions were a strong focus of the story. Similarly, the storyline in Storm is there mainly to provide a backdrop to the exploration and trade-based gameplay"

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