Why I'm Skipping Windows Vista: IT Speaks Out

Despite warnings to businesses about the dangers of skipping Windows Vista, many IT managers and CIOs are standing firm that the risks of migrating to Vista outweigh the benefits.

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rroded3511d ago

wonder why sigh...

if ms messes win7 up expect a lot of them start using linux..

Lord Anubis3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )


not just IT the XP still widely used.

jimbojimbo3511d ago

What does corporate adoption of Windows Vista have to do with gaming? What site is this, again?

Viper73511d ago

Yeah, hopefully well get some more competition, as the Mac os x and Linux distros have really much potential. But they need more support from the developers and for that they need users.

Playa79703511d ago

hey i have vista it runs pretty good i dont know what people are complaining about

incogneato3511d ago

they dont know what theyre talking about. theyre just repeating what they see others say.

Jager3511d ago

Not really... i've used Several OS, to name a Few

RedHat Linux v5
Microsun Systems Solaris (Open Source 10)
Windows 2000
Windows Xp
Windows Vista.

To sum it up, the Windows are more user friendly, while the Linux are safer and more realiable. In my Opinion, Windows Xp is the best of the OS. Dont ask about Apple OS, i hate their OS (Have a MacBook from School, hate the thing to pieces).

Bladestar3511d ago

@Jager... I honestly have not check your profile... but something tell me you may be a Sony fan... and most likely a Microsoft hater...

Why? Symptoms of a Microsoft hater:

* Think Vista sucks.
* Dislike the xbox 360.
* Like Linux or OSX.
* Hate IE.
* And love XP.

Now, it's ok to dislike vista... or the xbox 360... and like linux... or OSX...

it's the combination that's interesting... for some strange reason... all Microsoft hate everything but XP.. you seem to have those symptoms...

I can be wrong... though... like I said I never read you profile.

Graphics Whore3511d ago


If you LIKE IE you have a problem or your just one of the most ignorant people using a computer.

Once Bill Gates resigned from his public duty as senior kick ass Microsoft has been going down hill.

Ryudo3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

I have nothing at all against Microsoft I actually like MS. But if disliking IE makes me a Sony fanboy then its true. Because the only time I use IE is when am on some douchewad site that ain't compatible with Firefox or Opera.

Mind you I hate google chrome a little more.

CyberCam3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

Your assessment of a Microsoft hater intrigues me... I could be labeled a Microsoft hater from what you have outlined.
* I DO think vista sucks (I do run it on a test machine because I have to support it - not by choice)
* I DON'T dislike the xbox360 (I just have no tolerance for unreliable hardware that requires me to double my expenses because of repurchasing)
* I LOVE linux & OSX/unix (I do run all 3 because again I have to support them all - this is by choice, RELIABILITY is my reasoning)
* I BELIEVE WinXP is finally at a usable state for the masses (to a certain degree)

I've been supporting pc/server operating systems for a very long time and IMO WinXP & now WinVista have been the worst problem solving experiences in my entire 20+ years in the biz because in almost all cases it's because of bad bug ridden code in their development. The worst is that users pay an extreme price for something that is unfinished!

So what's the verdict? Am I?

Jager3508d ago

Lmao bladestar, if you actually look at my comments, you'd see that i like Gears of war, and that i want a 360 for Gears 2 if it doesnt come out for the PC. Do i hate MS? No. Do i hate the 360? yes. Why? cause i hate its hardware.

If i hated MS, i wouldnt use Xp now would i? i just go into detail why i think Xp is the best OS out of several Unix / Linux OS, and that labels me as a Sony Fanboy? PURE LMAO

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Graphics Whore3511d ago

I have a good feeling about Windows 7. It's using the same kernal but it's refined and polished AND it's compatibility is higher than Vista.

power of Green 3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

Anybody going to read this?

incogneato3511d ago

nope. just another boring dork who knows nothing about technology

Graphics Whore3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

Let me guess, you fools use vista.

"many IT managers and CIOs are standing firm that the risks of migrating to Vista outweigh the benefits. "

this is BUSINESS, not your daddy's computer.

B-U-S-I-N-E-S-S. Comprehension skills are fading in NA aren't they?

power of Green 3511d ago

Man for all the MSFT threads you're in you make clueless comments.

ONce 7 comes out you'll be ripping that apart lol.

Graphics Whore3511d ago

"I have a good feeling about Windows 7. It's using the same kernal but it's refined and polished AND it's compatibility is higher than Vista."

HAHA DID I not just talk about reading comprehension skills you ignorant person lol.


Ryudo3511d ago

@Graphics Whore

I use Vista does that make me a fool?

If using an OS that I haven't once had a compatibility issue with makes me a fool then OK. But as I understand most people that have a problem with Vista simply haven't ever used it. And I don't know about you but if someone who hasn't used Vista is telling me how bad it is I tend to disregard there opinion. My own experience tells me there is nothing at all wrong with vista.

But at the same time if I had a original copy of XP Pro I wouldn't go out and buy vista. Am not saying XP is better then Vista in my opinion its just a slightly faster version but lacking features. But I don't think its worth upgrading from XP to vista really unless its for a media rig.

Viper73511d ago

"But as I understand most people that have a problem with Vista simply haven't ever used it."

This argument is a bit harsh as this is one of the things no1 can be sure about.
I could also say that the most ppl that are happy with Vista simply havent ever used any other os than windows os.
10 minutes of using mac for example do not cover even the time you need to learn a new system (yes even windows takes time to master)

Most of the ppl that have had problems with vista are probably running with less than 4gb:s of Ram or their hardware is not supported or powerfull enough for Vista.
After that theres only one question in their mind, what does Vista offer if you decide to upgrade your hardware.

Simple answer for this is: Nothing but looks.
more complex answer for this is: Nothing that their competitors cant do better with less cost and less powerfull hardware.

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