Capcom lists Dead Rising Chop Till You Drop for a February 24 release

According to a listing on Capcom's official online store, it looks like Dead Rising: Chop Til You Drop will be available for the Wii on February 24. This conflicts with other retailers who are listing the game for a late January release; inclined to go with Capcom on this one.

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TheColbertinator3336d ago

I hope its fun.I was thinking of getting the Wii version of Dead Rising

ape0073336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

WITH killzone 2 release


ChickeyCantor3336d ago

So are we saying that Wii does in fact have "core" gamers?
cause apparently what you are saying is that "core" gamers will be swayed due the KZ release...


Shnazzyone3336d ago

still a tad skeptical of dead rising wii. I'm going to be waiting to hear the reviews. I'm always terrified that the fact wii owners can't have nearly as many zombies on screen could hurt the game dynamics that made dead rising such a worthwhile game to begin with.

Then again... motion controls... Could make it even better and crazier.

pp3336d ago

How long do we have to wait for f*ckin dead rising 2 for xbox360 i'm getting pist off.

FantasyStar3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Seriously, who here almost threw the controller because a damn survivor just happened to walk into a group of zombies when you clearly, explicitly, voraciously told the ****ing survivor to GO OVER THE **** THERE....AWAY FROM THAT ****ING ZOMBIE GROUP AND INTO THAT ****ING CORNER SO I CAN ****ING COVER YOU, YOU GOD-DAMN RETARDED, BRAIN-DEAD SURVIVOR!!!!!!

*takes chill pill*

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