That Gaming Site: Best Horror Game of 2008

That Gaming Site presents the award for best horror game of the year, with contenders including Alone in the Dark, Condemned 2, and Dead Space.

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Marcello3485d ago

Alone in the Dark best horror game ?? more the like worst!

Dead Space should have won this by a mile.

Bnet3433485d ago

I'm only approving this so people can see what a pathetic choice it was. Alone in the Dark was the worst of the three. And they gave Runner Up To Condemned 2. They must of thought it was opposite day. Dead Space should of won no brainer.

boodybandit3485d ago

They must have thought it was opposite day.

Elven63485d ago

In the end really it's all about personal choice, because of what Alone in the Dark brought to the table we felt it deserved some sort of recognition from at least someone, because lets face it, no one else is going to be giving the developers kudo's for bringing these ideas to the table, idea's which we will probably see in more games in the near future.

At least when I played, Condemned 2 really played mind games with me, I was only able to play it for about 30 minutes at a time before having to do something because it really screwed with my mind, something very few games have done recently. Others on staff who were apart of the voting felt the same way. It would have receiving the award hands down had Sega and Monolith patched the game, getting to the 4th level only to find your save was deleted by the gaming is not a fun experience, especially when it's a horror game. Despite telling people a patch would come out days after launch it never did, we can't give someone who is willingly penny pinching a award. Atari was in a worse off situation then Sega yet they went back and made a patch for Inferno.

Dead Space was definitely a contender but it didn't have any moments that really freaked you out as much, especially later into the game you realize its mostly all scripted making it feel like a Call of Duty game with horror elements in it.

Excuse the avatar, I've been a Alone in the Dark fan since day 1 and even I agree the latest wasn't upto par with the series. ;)

ChampIDC3485d ago

Alone in the Dark was definitely a great concept, and it had so many good, new ideas going for it, but it just plain failed on execution.

Panipal20053485d ago

Um, Elven? SIREN. BLOOD. CURSE. Hands down the horror game of 2008. Hell, it's probably the only PURE horror game released this year. Not even a mention? What are you smoking?

Whoever said you were playing 'opposite day' was right.

IzKyD13313485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Eleven6, one look at your avatar is enough to know that your opinion is biased.....

IGN: Nice visuals, great fire effects and valiant efforts at innovation don’t make up for boring combat, frustrating controls, poorly designed levels and a hackneyed story.

Game Informer: Alone in the Dark can be applauded for its innovation, but it cannot be saved from its dysfunction. Had Eden Games added polish, or dare I say it, play-tested the game, it could have been a welcome addition for survival horror fans.

GamePro: A frustrating and inconsistent mess that truly disappoints.

EGM: Every good idea here is brought down by bad basic design, including a shoddy third-person camera, a too-slow first-person mode, and bizarre forced switching between the two.

orakga3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

Just out of curiosity, how does Dead Space end?
Describe the exact last scene before the credits roll.
(and don't bother reading wikipedia for it, because it doesn't contain your answer; I just checked)

And do the same for Siren: Blood Curse too, for that matter.

I'm asking because I find it really hard to believe that you actually played anything other than the two you decided to mention (AITD and Cond 2). IMO, If you'd actually played the other two (Dead Space and SIREN), you'll have reached a different conclusion (the choice should have been one of the two, regardless of "taste" IMO).

If you can't respond within the next day, I'll conclude that you just didn't play through those, and that your GOTY pick was an ignorant one.

However, If you can describe them accurately, I will respect your choice. Until then, I will reserve my apology for doubting you.

badz1493484d ago

and Siren is not even in top 3? I can't even stand the demo of that game! Dead Space is more a shooting game than horror for me but seriously, Siren is the best hands down!

Elven63484d ago

@ IzKyD1331: Your judging someone based off an avatar? Do you judge thieves by the color of their skin as well? I may have a Carnby avatar, a character associated with how many different games now? The nominations and final awards were decided by a group of us, not just me. I happen to have a N4G account and decided to submit the story, nothing wrong with that, is there?

What you need to realize is reviewers always have a difference of opinion, if you were to judge games solely on how someone else played them you probably wouldn't have much fun. We don't base our reviews, nominations, awards, etc on metacritic scores, we base them on how we liked the game.

@ orakga: Check your PM, as for Siren I did not play that game but such always happens, instead others on staff had played that game and it was also up for the award as well, in the end those who can get their point across and argue their cause can validate their point.

Stu19813484d ago

It's terrifying that you can find anyone that would agree with you that any of the other three games i've listed weren't better than AITD.

Or was it a case of your "team" all choosing one game, and you taking your ball home? "It's my site, and i say AITD takes it".


Elven63484d ago

You and your conspiracy theories, wasting my last reply on you! If that were the case they all would have left long ago, we decided on Alone in the Dark a few weeks ago but didn't post anything until everything else was decided upon. If you want to discuss this matter further send me a PM, although I don't see what's really left to discuss at this point, really all you've done is make outlandish accusations saying I somehow managed to "rig" this.

We looked at what was brought to the table and how it worked, you have to admit AITD has some really cool gameplay elements that might take some time to figure out but are really cool to see play out (Such as the tape/nest scene in the museum). In the end we decided Alone in the Dark was worthy of the award.

Graphics Whore3484d ago

Great Concept poorly executed, even worse journalism?

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harv0523485d ago

Dead Space should've won by miles!!!

ChampIDC3485d ago

Dead Space wins for me in overall quality, but Condemned 2 definitely creeped me out more. That game doesn't get as much love as it deserves.

Elven63485d ago

It would had Sega/Monolith fixed the technical issues that plagued it on both console ports.

ChampIDC3485d ago

Hm, I didn't run into any issues with it. Guess I'm lucky. More polish is always welcome, though.

BLUR1113485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Are you serious? OMFG alone in the dark!

Dead Space was amazing!
At Least give it to Condemned 2 instead of alone in the dark

My God Man.

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