Final Fantasy Titles Do Better On PSP Than DS

It's well documented that Square Enix heavily supported handhelds in 2008, but it's also well documented that Square Enix are supporting the DS much more than they are the PSP.

It's obvious to see why Square Enix would do this,but is it really a wise decision when the numbers are actually crunched?

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Ivix3341d ago


Although on some level I agree with you.

Bnet3433341d ago

There are better RPG's on the DS then Final Fantasy. There are no better RPG's then Final Fantasy on the PSP.

AriesFury3341d ago

I do agree with you. You really can't name any other RPG to go on the PSP than Final Fantasy.

eagle213341d ago

Sony platforms always deliver for publishers. It's history past and present. Nintendo delivers mostly for

kewlkat0073341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

The PSP's library pales in comparisons to the JRPG love the DS gets.

What is there really on the PSP...that's great besides the FF games? The games that usually push hardware. Example Crises Core, Dissidia.

Remember the PSP hasn't done as well because of the lack of games for it. More JRPGs are on the way though.

We love it when an article comes out claiming Square does better on your handheld of choice, at the same time sh!t on square for giving other platforms love.

Skerj3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Brave Story, Gurumin, the Monster Hunter games, Phantasy Star Portable, Spectral Souls, Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology, Kingdom of Paradise, Wildarms XF, Jeanne D'arc, and Disgaea. Those are just the ones I like off the top of my head, there are tons more. ..people just don't look for them for some reason then claim the PSP has no games.

Homicide3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

The DS has better RPGs: The World Ends With You, FFXII Relevant Wings, Final Fantasy IV, FFIII, Chrono Trigger, Disgaea, Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest IV, IX, V.

I had a PSP, but it's just a disappointing handheld. It has potential, but the support for it is dead. PSP limps on and on. If the Persona PSP thing is true, then I'll sort of change my mind on the PSP.

kewlkat0073341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

and I have both Handhelds...

Square is giving PSP some love tho....obviously their games sell the best. I would like to take a look at the sales and reviews of SKERj's list..I've played Gurumin and Jeanne D'Arc.

Skerj3341d ago

Hah I don't rely on sales to tell me what's good or not, most of the games I have that I enjoy don't sell that well to the masses (see Okami and God Hand). But if you want to play that game, go check out Monster Hunter on PSP.

I like what I like just as you do, and yes I have a DS and most of the "OMG GOOD RPGS" you guys are touting. But guess what? I don't like a lot of them, because they only interest me for an hour or two and then I go play Castlevania or something. I wanted to like TWEWY more than I do, but Neku is such a f*cking whiny b*tch of a character he nearly ruins the game for me. But I did enjoy some of the other chars, the storyline, and the gameplay was good.

My point is different strokes for different folks, and on the same token there ARE LOTS of RPGS on the PSP and like I said just because you're too lazy to go out and find them doesn't mean they aren't there.

kewlkat0073341d ago

then this article is correct. I don't rely on sales either but fanboys tend to use SALES + REVIEWS when it best suits them about what is good or not in the public's eye.

Skerj3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

But dude, you just did the same thing. Either way, just like what you like and don't let it be influenced by sales and reviews and that goes to you and anyone else reading this. Final Fantasy has the name and numbers but I've found Megaten games to be superior since like forever, and it will more than likely always be that way for me.

hay3341d ago

DS has better RPG lineup but there are also really good RPGs on PSP. (this comes from PSP not DS owner, yet)

badz1493341d ago

any dev can make more action RPG like KH on the PSP, I'll be happy! I'm looking forward to Birth By Sleep and I hate the DS btw!

ButterToast3341d ago

disgaea, Star Ocean, Jean de' Arc, Gurumin, phantasy star,valkyrie profile, Monster Hunter.

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AllseeingEye3341d ago

is better on the psp then any ff so far.

Death3341d ago

They excluded antire continents and many games to come up with a conclusion that supports their opinion. WHy bother including percentages of games released and then excluded many of these games to draw a conclusion? In order to be accurate, they would need to include all games released on both platforms in all regions they were released. They would also need to factor in development costs and residuals given to each platform holder.

It would be bad enough for this article to be a waste of bandwidth, but it is also misleading and nothing more than flamebait to get PSP owners in an uproar.


Solbadguy3341d ago

remake FF6 for the PSP already.

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