New Quantum Theory Screenshots

11 new Quantum Theory Screenshots

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Hellsvacancy3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

Bit of a mish/mash of Devil May Cry and Gears Of War my expectations are not high but it does look pretty cool ill defiantly take a look at it when it arrives

lord_of_balrogs3365d ago

It looks like Gears of War but instead of Dom you have some hot-ass chick. The cover system looks exactly like Gears of War, and the character even has the same hunchback. And the chick isn't even wearing body armor, just armored shoulders and legs, you'd think she would protect her torso. It looks good but I can't help but think of Gears of War ripoff when I see this.

Hal Emmerich3365d ago

Everyone's complaining that its a Gears rip-off but if its a rip-off done well, which I'm hopeful off, PS3 will have an excellent game on its hands.

The game will obviously brings its own ideas to the table as well as those from Gears, there's nothing wrong with taking key components from great games and tweaking them, unless they comletely rip-off Gears, which I doubt, it should be pretty cool.

GUNS N SWORDS3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

if this was on 360 i swear people would be saying it's a gears rip off, people were calling ninja blade a rip off of NG. (and it actually looks much better than this rip off)

and people called gears a rip from kill wouldn't that make this game a mega rip off? (lol)

elorm93365d ago

I don't know, but I'm pretty sure that IGN has had these screenshots up when the game was first announced.

mpmaley3365d ago

If it's well done, does it matter if it's a rip off? PS3 users don't have a Gears type game so if it's a good game then why does it matter? If Epic won't bring Gears to the PS3 and there is a demand for a Gears type game then why rag on a developer for taking the time to make that game for the demand?

lil Titan3364d ago

looks good, still wanna see that other game thats pose to look way better than gears of war 2 i think midway is making it any word on that title yet?

MNicholas3364d ago

If it's going to copy the style of Gears it should atleast match it technically. Given that many PS3 games (and even a couple of 360 games) exceed Gears technically, it's a real shame that this game features such mediocre textures and lighting. On the plus side, there seems to be a decent amount of polygon detail.

Perhaps the way these pictures look are are a result of the game being unfinished. I remember MGS4 had some questionable screens yet now it's widely recognized as the most beautiful and cinematic game yet released.

Rob0g0rilla3364d ago

"if this was on 360 i swear people would be saying it's a gears rip off, people were calling ninja blade a rip off of NG."

I'm pretty sure we all know it's a rip off. No one is saying it isn't.

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pp3365d ago

Hahahahahahaha looks pathetic at least they could have tried a bit harder on the graphics it looks awful and this is suppose to be Gears of War 2 wannabe. It's stuff like this that makes me sick and hate the droids even more f*ckin ass holes.

LinuxGuru3365d ago

You literally have no life.

poopsack3365d ago (Edited 3365d ago )

wow, thats like saying I hate mexicans because Bush was elected for president 4 years ago, totally non related! (Dont hate Mexs BTW)

dukadork23365d ago

you know about the 'ignore' button, right?

geda3365d ago

pp, you have more issues than time magazine.

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RememberThe3573364d ago

Are we looking at the same screens?

Bigrhyno3365d ago

Certainly "looks" good, and I sure hope it is good.

mintaro3365d ago

Seems an awful lot like Gears of War.


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