PS3 vs 360 In 2009

TheSixthAxis: "In this feature we're going to leave all the fanboyism at the door. This article is intended to do just one thing: decide the victor of 2009. Yes, there's going to be an awful lot of educated guesswork here, because naturally we don't know everything that the major players have planned for us this year, but we know one thing for sure: not a great deal will change from 2008."

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ape0073485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

ps3 will own 2009(no fanboyism),but at the same time alan wake and convection looks too hot man

chaos theory was one of my favorite games ever as will as max payn 2

KILLZONE 2 is going to cut heads

Godmars2903485d ago

No one's seen honest hide or hair of the damn thing. Gameplay has NEVER been shown. Just certain aspects.

At the very least wait for E3 footage before hoping that it will be announced this year.

krauley3485d ago

the developers keep making games look the same on both systems and not using the extra power of the ps3 there will not be much incentive for those who have an xbox to add a ps3 to their inventory. with both systems games looking basically the same (unless under a microscope...See 5000 articles above) with exception of sony exclusives, is that enough for someone to buy a ps3.

3485d ago
Jager3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Lmao Krauly... So GT5, Killzone 2, God of war 3, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, the FULL FFXIII experience, WKC isnt reason enough to buy a PS3?

Sorry but, Gears 2 and Halo 3 isnt enough of a reason to get a 360 (and just give it a month or two, Epic will announce the PC version of Gears 2, just like they did with Gears 1)

ChampIDC3485d ago

Well Jager, since I already have a 360, I can't really justify paying $400 right now for a few extra good games with how the economy is, so his point is valid in some cases. For those without a console already, it's a tossup.

Godmars2903485d ago

Well, I can't justify spending $200 for a 360, then having to turn right around and either drop another $99 for a 60GB HDD, or wait for MS to send me a recycled 20GB for $20. That's not counting the $50 for LIVE or the other $99 for wi-fi.

The point is if you don't have either console, just going by the 09 line-up, the PS3's has more weight.

And no hidden costs...

Maxned3485d ago

All of you just shut up and wait til 2009.

jamesrocks31473485d ago

but when the ps3 price drop comes in and sony finally realises it needs 2 advertise more and with all there new games and more firmware updates though out 2009 microsoft will be the "sinking ship" as some say of the ps3 is now which can be understandable but this article is true the guy knows what he is talkin about.

ChampIDC3485d ago

Indeed, that's very true. My main point was dishing out the money when I already own a 360 just wasn't worth it in my current situation. It's true that given the 2009 lineup, the PS3 is more bang for your buck (heck, even with just the 2008 lineup), but the average consumer doesn't know that when they see an Arcade 360 for half the price of a PS3. That's why I said it's a tossup for those without a console already.

Bubble Buddy3485d ago

Either way where are the Wii games? Can't wait for Killzone 2, InFamous, and The new splinter Cell is like "Jason Bourne" right? You're on the run etc. etc.

rubarb233485d ago

No doubt ps3 will have killer games this year, but i'm going to wait til e3 '09.
sony loves showing off games that won't come out for a while. ms is more reserved. they announce games that will come out that year, as opposed to what will come out in the future.
different marketing strategies.
it was posted on n4g somewhere that ms was going to have a couple of surprises for this year's e3, and if last year's e3 is anything to go by with their announcements i'm smiling.
like i said, i'll wait til e3 to see who was the better line up.

Karum3485d ago

E3 '08 for MS didn't have any earth shattering announcements other than FF13 going multi-plat.

People knew Gears was coming but there wasn't much else of note in terms of games.

With that said I'd expect there to be some MS announcements between now and including E3 '09

FOXDIE3485d ago

on PC and problem is solved!

power of Green 3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

As if you would say anything else. lol

If you research both lineups you have to edit that comment.

I know you guys need these "feel good, paint a pretty picture" articles but dam!

You guys have gone though 6 savior titles already *just wait* is going to be a let down again, your supposed "2nd coming title" is not enough.

BWS19823485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

I find plenty to game with for what Sony has put out the last 2 years...The thing is, I keep seeing "you said that about 2008 and look how that turned out"... Who's the one looking? By my eyes, 2007 had some gems, and 2008 had more, so what gave the fanboys the authority to wield the red rubber stamp of "another failed PS3 year"....There is always room for improvement though, yes....Maybe a couple posters will say "just wait till MGS4" or "you wait till Killzone 2"...but that doesn't mean they were wrong about the previous checkpoints in their optimisms, they're getting excited about what's to come, let them be and quit parade raining....I never saw them once say there was an entire bad year, the fanboys did. I'm not "just waiting", YOU are, and you'll never be pleased, you're fanboys, you think everything is a failure. 2008 went great, I had fun, who are you to take that away from me?

BWS19823484d ago

I'm betting that disagree was you POG, tell me where I was honestly offensive towards you. I civilly explained myself and presented a legitimate question, please answer it.

Saint Sony3484d ago

Now that's a cool fact. "It has to be"... why so unsure? Because 2007 and 2008 failed in it, even though they were ment to be year of the PS3?

hmm... keep the hope up.

Bob Dole3484d ago

If by failed you mean sold more in it's first two years than it's biggest competitor (when the 360 had no competition it's first year) then yes it's failed horribly.

SonyOwnsNextYear3484d ago

i wish i had the time to sit here with 3-6 accounts like pog and jason360 and just give evryone negative bubbles.

I also wish i could tell which accounts belong to 1 member so i can take their bubbles like they did mine.

I still dont understand how the biggest trolls of this site still have a s3itload of bubbles.

Ital50Stal3484d ago

Ill put my opinion on some of '09 best for ps3.

GT5 - GREAT looking game but will never play as great as Forza2 or maybe 3 (graphics go hands down to GT5 but gameplay/sound go to Forza)

Mag? Didnt do research about this one so wont comment (but there is zero hype or articles about it on n4g so could it be worth lookin at? tell me)

Killzone 2- sure does look good, but people are complaining about the controls but we'll have to wait and see when it comes out (hope the hype train doesnt ruin this one more haze!)

Infamous, Agency- Meh

Uncharted 2 - First one looked good but sucked so who cares :(

Ratchet - Im not 5 so i wont enjoy it. (me personally, some of you will)

Heavy Rain - Looks good also but not interested in "press X" interactive movie

For 360, Mass Effect2 will be a 2010 game and Alan Wake looks good but might be another uncharted :( as for the DLC for GTA, Im just going to wait on what reviews say about the length of the game..may not be with 20 bucks for an 1 hours of gameplay :(

"Forza3 ftw"

BWS19823484d ago

Again, who are you to stamp 2 years as a failure, where's your proof? How do you decide that? Is your opinion the trump card in this console war-game? Your very namesake of sarcasm on this website is a bold, telling sign you're trolling and trying to piss on peoples interest's here, so why is what you say so valid and objective suddenly?

I bet my life you cannot invalidate the fun that people have with any sort of link or data, so again, you lose on that front.

krauley3469d ago

dont get me wrong, i got my ps3 the first day a could find one on the shelf after the release (60 gig ) and it is my main gaming patform. and to me its worth the money but for average joe thats not really into it so much theres not much reason to add another $$$ console. but i agree that those games are worth it. but my point is that sony should get the developers to really use the power of the ps3 and not hold back so that the games look the same on both the 360/ps3. you know if gg and insomiac can push the envelope, then companies like ea can make a better madden on the ps3 then 360...etc

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pp3485d ago

Xbox360 will own 2009 just like previous times.PS3 is a waist of space the games for 09 are pathetic.Droids are pathetic waste of space f*ckin idiots probably have a masterbation over Killzone 2 video's.

topgeareasy3485d ago

alan wake vapourware of the year 2009

cereal_killa3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Yeah PP your so correct can't wait to get that Soljaboy game exclusively on the 360 GOTY 2009. It amazes me why your at 1 bubble with all the wisdom you spew from your mouth I wonder why there are not as many mass suicide cults in your honor ALL HAIL PP!!!

MURKERR3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

so thats the issue cleared up, but a price cut is needed nomatter what anybody says partly due to sonys lack of advertising why the ps3 is £300 like bluray etc

software wise ps3 has the best line up for 2009 so far but microsoft could have some unannounced exclusives who knows

darkequitus3485d ago

Good> Now they need a way of viewing you trophies online like the gamercard (automatically) and it will be sweet.


ChampIDC3485d ago

Yeah, from what we can see right now, PS3 definitley has the winning lineup, but there's still plenty of time for Microsoft to announce new games, and they need some big ones to keep up with Sony this year, so they might just have something up their sleeves. This year might just be amazing for both consoles again.

soxfan20053485d ago

The PS3 is like the New York Yankees. The once dominant champion now struggling to regain it's past glory. They always seem to have the best lineup on paper, but victories are not won on paper. These endless lists of 2009 PS3 exclusives mean NOTHING unless Sony can get enough people to not only buy the games, but consistently outsell the competetion. Until Sony proves they can do that, Nintendo and Microsoft will have nothing to be afraid of, just like the rest of baseball no longer fears the Yankees.

wanderofys3485d ago

As an owner of both systems, what I would MOST like to see is for the PS3 to gain enough momentum to equal the sales of the 360, and for 2009 to be the year where not only do both consoles sell well, but also put out some fantastic games.

To hell with the console war.

ravinash3484d ago

The games came out and they were good.
Some were everything that we hoped for like MGS4 and LBP, and others fell short.
But thats the truth for all consoles.
The missed trick here was getting the word out to the non hard core gamers.

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jkhan3485d ago

Both platforms will have pretty awesome games. PS3 had a great year with exclusives in 2008 and things sure looks bright for them in 09 as well. 360 only had a couple of big name exclusive this year, but 2009 looks much better for 360 with titles like Alan Awake, Halo 3 Recon, GTA4 DLC, Forza 3 and a couple of other unannounced titles i am sure they will put up a great fight against GT5, GOW3, MAG, Killzone 2, Infamous, Agency, Uncharted 2, Ratchet, Heavy Rain and other unannounced titles. PS3 needs a price cut and they need it with the release of Killzone 2.

jammy_703485d ago

are you joking...

gta4 DLC aint a game... alan wake, no gameplay from that game yet so no1 knows if it will be good and another halo.... lol

forget bout the price!...ps3 looks so much better in 09... FACT!

HDgamer3485d ago

As much as I like the ps3 and the 360 don't you mean opinion. Its not a fact just your opinion man.

Calvin_ISA3485d ago

You guys know what sarcasm is? Lol.

Re-versed3485d ago

and these 360 exclusives and u came to the conclusion that 360 will have better exclusives in 2009???

I think that objectively ps3 has true monster exclusives in 2009!

Sony PlayStation 33485d ago

He's saying that for the 360, 2009 looks better than 2008. He's NOT saying in 2009 360 has a better line-up than PS3! He's saying the 360's 2009 line-up in better than the 360's 2008 line-up! DUH!

He said 360 only had a couple big exclusives in 2008 but there are more big 360 exclusives in 2009 which will make 2009 a better year for 360 compared to 2008.

He's saying for 360: 2009>2008
He's NOT saying: in 2009 360>PS3

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Fishy Fingers3485d ago

Well I own both so either way, I'm pretty much sorted for 2009 no matter what gets announced/happens.

All the "Vs." stuff I find rather pointless, if you only have one console concentrate on that line up and if you can afford it, cut your losses, stop aligning yourself with one manufacturer and pick them both up and enjoy the lot.

XXXCouture3485d ago

yeah the people who got both consoles like you and me, dont care about all those versus things. we're just looking forward to it all

S M N3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

but don't forget that not every body can afford buy more than 1 console, so the vs stuff are what they looking for when decide what console they will get.