Skate 2 Demo Confirmed by January 8th

SCRAWL: "Over at our Xbox 360's calendar of events, a new Download and Win event has been posted and features none other than the demo for Skate 2. According to the posting you'll have to download the demo between January 8 and January 15 in order to enter the contest, meaning that the demo will arrive on or before January 8. That's not too far away."

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Yi-Long3636d ago

... really cant wait for this game to come out, and I'm glad they took their time instead of rushing it out in time for the holiday-season!

Bnet3433636d ago

That was fast. I still haven't beaten Skate 1 yet.

ChampIDC3636d ago

I still need to buy Skate 1 XD

Good thing I have gift cards!

Eiffel3636d ago (Edited 3636d ago )

I guess a week from now I'll be playing this.

Fishy Fingers3636d ago

Cool, I never picked up the original, but still occasionally play the demo. Hopefully they just give you an area to mess around in. I'll get this one if good.

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