Extreme Gamer: Rise of the Argonauts review

Downtown Jimmy writes:

"It is apparent that Rise of the Argonauts could have been so much more of a game then it is. 2008 is already crowded as it is, so I don't know why Codemasters didn't apply another coat of finish to truly make Rise of the Argonauts the outstanding title it wanted to be. I could have waited until mid-2009 to get my hands on a more devoted version of Rise of the Argonauts. A little more balancing and traditional role-playing elements would have boosted the games appeal. That behind said, Rise of the Argonauts is here and it's not as bad as you might think. This tale of classic Greek mythology is done with conviction to the art of conversation and storytelling while putting a unique spin on the famous tale of the Golden Fleece. The action isn't superstar, but it is good enough to get you into the game feeling like an ultra-strong King that is in the favour of the gods."

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