Lian Li Armorsuit PC-P80R Case Review

The PC-P80R was unveiled at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show to much fanfare due to its highly customized design, something rarely seen before from Lian Li who has a tradition of cases with a more conservative appearance. While the PC-P80R was originally meant to be originally exclusive to CES, the response was so positive that Lian Li decided to release the case to the public. The PC-P80R is a modified version of Lian Li's PC-P80, which is available only in black and lacks a side window.

The PC-P80R instead comes in what can only be described as hot rod red, along with a laser-cut spider pattern window boasting the words "ATI CrossFire X" on the side. The case is constructed entirely of brushed, anodized aluminum, which helps the case keep weight down while also giving it that signature Lian Li look.

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