CVG: 2009 Is the Year id Returns

Id Software practically invented the genres that would define the PC as a gaming platform. They started out with the first-person shooter in Wolfenstein and then followed that with online multiplayer in Quake.

It's difficult to think of another games company that established so many famous gaming names in such a short space of time, as id sped from Wolfenstein, to Doom and to Quake. But after producing three Quake games in just four years things went quiet. In fact, id have only released one game in the past nine years - Doom 3. At long last they're on the verge of returning.

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Mr_President_3401d ago

id rocks. Show us your Rage fellas.

LostChild3400d ago

Show us Rage, The New WolfenStein and Doom4.

Cajun Chicken3400d ago

Rage and Doom 4. Raven's doing Wolfenstein.

Kleptic3400d ago

didn't iD do the single player of Return to Castle Wolfenstein back in 2001?...I know Raven did the multiplayer seperately sort of...but thought iD did the single player campaign in house...