Switched: Top Tech Flops of 2008

Switched writes: "Let's face it: a touchscreen BlackBerry didn't even sound like a good idea. While the 'touch' bandwagon is obviously an easy one to jump on after Apple and Nintendo's respective successes, it has always been the BlackBerry's mini keyboard and speedy interface that kept users' loyalty. While the Storm's Web browser was improved over previous BlackBerrys, its SurePress touchscreen -- which physically clicks in when you press it -- failed to wow the critics and users.

The software was full of glitches and prone to lockups and odd behavior, the accelerometer didn't respond pronptly enough, and the lack of Wi-Fi was just confusing. Berry, berry unappealing, and, as a result, users have been returning the thing in droves."

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SGT Nathan Fail3487d ago


Parapraxis3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Better feautures, maybe, although BD is catching up quickly, check out BD Live on The Dark Knight.
Blu-ray has better audio and more storage and was packed with every PS3, It won the format war handily.
HD-DVD flopped and is GONE. Now move on.

dragunrising3487d ago

I was very disappointed in the Blackberry Storm. I know some people who are happy with their device, however most returned theirs in disgust. As a Verizon customer I was hoping to get a device on par with iPhone...boy was I wrong. "If" they ever release an updated version with WiFi I might consider getting one. Right now the best touch screen phone for Verizon (in my humble opinion) is Samsung's Omnia. I'm a fan of the Blackberry software so I hope RIM changes my mind soon. At least before Win Mobile 7 comes out :-P

FantasyStar3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Yah, I remember the Blackberry Storm. I had high expectations as well. Well...initially: I was hoping that the screen would be big, cause I have big hands. I'm sure the phone works well for some people, but I just need a bigger phone....heh

Sitdown3486d ago

storm seemed so big to me...and I also did not like it. As far as the omnia.........I think I still prefer the xv-6800 over it.....I hate they are phasing it out for the touch pro.

MaximusPrime3487d ago

Despite being better than Bluray, HDDVD is indeed a massive Flop of the year.

PS360PCROCKS3487d ago

Oh please. I LOVE my blackberry storm. "blindfromthesun" you're just blind I'm sorry but I am running I think the 4th upgrade to the OS on my storm (mostly leaked OS's) and the phone is perfectly stable, unbuggy, the acceleromater is almost instant and the phone is amazing. I started with the base software OS and never had issues and the phone has steadily gotten better. I'm sorry but if you were to check most people did not return the storm as you stated.

dragunrising3487d ago

Hey Mr. Fanboy, I am sooooo sorry I hurt your feelings. Making fun of my name? I forgot you were still in kindergarten :-p I did do a little research and found conflicting reports. I will not go as far as recant my comment so long as there are reports of returns. Verizon was recently quoted as saying, “The Storm has the lowest return rate of any of our PDAs and at this point in its life cycle, it has the lowest return rate of any PDA we currently sell.” With that said, I can say that I did my research this time. However, I am still skeptical. Reported return rates are ALWAYS different from actual. Just look at the Xbox for confirmation of this; and yes, all companies do this. The Storm is Verizon's premier phone and there is no reason they are going to trash it. Also, I'm sorry but crackberry is not the only website around that caters to blackberry users. I usually browse thank you very much.

Btw, thank you for confirming that the Storm is not as bad as I thought. I am not someone to throw down money on anything, unless I know its good. You don't have to be so hostile. If you don't agree, refute what is said, and move on. Simple. Taking personal insult over a phone (or console for that matter) is lame.

FantasyStar3487d ago

Yah I agree with Mr. sun. -calm down.

proArchy3487d ago

Sun is getting excited/offended and calling names just as much.
The Storm is a fine phone. Sure, I was annoyed by a couple of the temporary freezing/slowing issues at first and found myself doing full resets a little more than I would like to clear the cache and ram, but, as #3 stated, the recent firmware has done a great job of fixing this. Rim made a good phone, but rushed the OS out the door; they're making up for it now though, with proper support. I'm horrified that I might spend all my money on the app store in March when it is rumored to launch.

PS360PCROCKS3487d ago

wth? you need to take a chillaxative and calm the hell down buddy. I said you were blind because you said "phone on par with I phone" and um it's completely on par, nice rant though.

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Parapraxis3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

This article links to number 10
Here's the actual STARTING PAGE

Home is listed and currently I agree, although I'd say that like Solid State HDDs Home will one day be considered a success. Let's be honest, it's just not there yet.

FantasyStar3487d ago

When 250GB SSDs are priced at $150, then you will see these things fly off the shelves.

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