XBox World 360: APB Preview

XBox World 360 writes: "Is there anything better than a good old-fashioned grudge match? There's a good reason why Three Leafed Clover is at the top of almost everyone's GTA IV 'favourite mission' list. Pitting one team of 'goodies' against another team of 'baddies' is a timeless formula...

Multiplayer-only games rarely succeed on console. Shadowrun and Unreal Tournament III died the instant they arrived while Quake Wars barely even did that. Weighing up all this information should make for some grim reading for Realtime Worlds."

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N4PS3G3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

amm i had no knowledge about this game! :O Real Time Worlds + GTA MMO + Amazing Character Creation Sytem! - Character Creation Video.. pretty funny

sooo whats up with this game?? any info? The video and the concept looks fantastic! and RealTime Worlds sandbox games are great!

Cajun Chicken3519d ago

You didn't?!? This is the only MMORPG of next year on my radar!

N4PS3G3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Put me up to date man

Edit: Found some info @ teamxbox forums

" Developed by David Jones, creator on the Grand Theft Auto series and crackdown, this APB is a massively multiplayer online game based in living, breathing cities replicated from famous locales all over the world. APB is a turf war involving two main factions -- the Squads, whose goal is to uphold the law, and the Gangs, who seek to break the law at all costs. Players will be able to choose their side -- the Gangs are all about graffiti, attitude, custom cars and earning cash any way they can.; the Squads stand for honor, teamwork, firepower and destroying the Gangs. APB provides the player with the complete customization options from their weapons, vehicles and clothes to their attitude, music and environment. "

I didn't knew about this game! I fail bad!
:O :O thats [email protected]

SonySoldiers3519d ago

Are envy, but we will defend as always

mcgrawgamer3519d ago

If by defend you mean troll and bash this game, then I agree 100%.

Now N4PS3G. how could you not be up on this game? I've been waiting for this game since I played crackdown. I hope this game comes out for PC as well so we can play some pc players as well, that should make for a hugely robust community :)

baum3518d ago

When you guys do the exact same thing for PS3, especially after commenting after "N4PS3G" whose only purpose on this site is to bash PS3. lol, fanboys...

Bloodwar3518d ago

then I recalled that their game is called, The Agency. Does anyone know what is the story with The Agency? Is it still coming out?

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sGIBMBR3519d ago

goto the INFO link, tells you alil about it :)

My fav thing about this game, quoted from the info tab

"will be the first MMO title where player skill determines characters progression"

this and huxley are gonna rock!

mcgrawgamer3519d ago

has it been confirmed that this will be a 360 exclusive. I know when the game was first announced there was a possibility it would be on the ps3 as well, but I don't know. did msft buy the exclusive rights or is there a possibility this game will be multiplat???

Mutley4163519d ago

APB...Is that a bowling
Good stuff can`t wait!!!
But Star Trek is the Next Big MMORPG for me!!!
Beam me Up!!! My Gang of Klingon`s will ganck your whole crew!!! BIotches!!!

Check the Batleth son thought you knew 0_o-Kaplahhhhhahahahahhaah*Dri nks Bood wine spills alittle for his hommies*

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