Xbox World 360: Rage Preview

Xbox World 360 writes: " We're not short of post-apocalyptic shooters on the 360 already, and there's more than one on the horizon as well. So why are we so excited about Rage that it's right up here at Number 7? Well, the fact that it's coming from FPS kings id is unquestionably a whopping part of the appeal, and we can safely assume, given their track record with Quake and Doom (and a brand new Wolfenstein in the works) that the gunplay is going to be top-notch throughout.

Throw into the mix extensive vehicle-based action (you'll be collecting parts, tuning your buggy and entering numerous races, as well as just getting from wasteland A to wasteland B), and you've got yourself a potentially stellar title in the making."

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Faztkiller3364d ago

hope this game turns out good

DragonWarrior465343364d ago

I didn't like Banjo and Kazooie nuts and bolts, but this game could be fascinating if they do it right.