Exclusive Interview with Trion Developers - Can Sci-Fi Succeed? - Ten Ton Hammer

Science fiction MMOs have had a really bad stretch of luck. From Auto Assault to Earth and Beyond to Tabula Rasa, the number of cancellations in the science fiction genre compared to the fantasy genre is nearing somewhere around five or six to one. Although we have one brilliant star in the science fiction sky – EVE Online – there's still a long ways to go for the sci-fi genre to get a firm foundation. When Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah" Bye had the opportunity to interview Trion's Rob Hill and Kevin Beardslee, two developers working on their science fiction-based, SCI FI Channel MMO, he jumped at the chance and really asked them how their game was going to succeed where so many others failed. Although they couldn't reveal any details about the game, they were eager to explain how their game is going to really stand out from the sci-fi crowd.

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