PALGN: Valkyria Chronicles Review

PALGN writes: "The pesky thing about a genre is that it can often be confined to its conventions. Turn-based RPGs don't allow you to move around too much in the heat of the battle. Shooters don't allow you to allow take turns or have a break. One way around such inconveniences is for developers is to merge genres together. Often these haven't come off quite as well as gamers would have liked, as the numerous generic open-ended titles of the past five or so years have shown. Still, Valkyria Chronicles snuck in under the flood of much big name titles to show that merging genres is not such a silly prospect when done properly.

Valkyria Chronicles is a lot of things. As a game, it's a surprisingly successful hybrid of real-time strategy and third-person action. As a spectacle, it's among the most beautiful and artistically vibrant games in the HD generation. Put together with an anime style story that fictitiously parallels the events of WWII, and you have a completely unique experience that not only leaves a mark through its originality but through good game design and enjoyable gameplay."

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