Sony might release a white PS3, but they might not

Blast Magazine writes:

"Our friends at CrunchGear diligently dug into FCC filings to find out that Sony is exploring the possibility of adding a ceramic white PlayStation 3 to their lineup.

There's even plenty of photos to show that this is a serious possibility, and Sony Computer Entertainment America tells BLAST it's a possibility, but not to bet on one way or the other just yet."

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N4PS3G3309d ago

People don't careee for a white ps3! Cut the pricee already!!

Yi-Long3308d ago

... as it's absolutely gorgeous, and much better looking than the black version.

However, I already bought a black version, and I wont buy 2 PS3's.

They should have released the white PS3 and the Silver PS3 from the get-go here in Europe, instead of only in Asia.

Same goes for the PSP's btw. Ah well, I bought a nice pink PSP in Hong Kong.

PwnShop3308d ago

But once you go black you never go back

Panthers3308d ago

I would consider selling mine for this one. But mine has full BC so...

majorsuave3308d ago

I don't really mind the color, the case design needs a change, it's fugly.

Tidus113308d ago

it would be awesome if they bundled it with White Knight Chronicles to promote the game. They could do a limited edition version like MGS4.

Sony PlayStation 33308d ago

A white PS3 would be nice but for some reason the black PS3 in my avatar is so much nicer to look at.

Revvin3307d ago

What PS3? oh, oh yeah there was one there :)

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sonic19893309d ago

i'm looking for a silver ps3, but i wouldnt mind geting a white ps3.

interrergator3309d ago

hope they release the slimer version of a ps3

demoneyeslaharl3309d ago

Black's classier. But hey... white's good too. Why not add PS3 white with the White Knight Chronicles bundle when it comes out in the West?

Eiffel3309d ago

That may be a intended purpose for the possible white console.

Faztkiller3309d ago

if they did i would sell mine and buy one

Eiffel3308d ago

You would sell your PS3 just for a different colored one.

Guess there is no such thing as a smart buyer.

No FanS Land3308d ago

Just buy a new PS3 case on internet. You can even make the color combination you want!

dragunrising3308d ago

Only reason I would sell mine to get this one would be if there were significant hardware changes that improved energy savings even more. Not sure how soon Sony will move from 65nm chips to 45nm though...

If anyone could provide a link to a good case mod site, it would be much appreciated. Happy New Year btw :-)

Faztkiller3308d ago

i could sell it for more than i gave for it
but have not b/c it is a bc 60 gig but for a white one i would b/c
i dont play ps2 games anyway

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Bathyj3309d ago

You know I might make a sandwich. But then again I might not.


Beat me to it, i was going to type the exact same thing.

Bathyj3308d ago

But then again, maybe you weren't.

gamesmaster3308d ago

hah that made me laugh, bubble for bathyj.

Bathyj3308d ago

Ha, thanks, bubble back at ya. Plus one for Brach, I love people that use the word Zing.

baum3308d ago

But then again, they may not. :P

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