Australian Gamer Review: LocoRoco 2

Australian Gamer: "LocoRoco was one of my favourite games last year or whenever it was released. Aside from the fact that it offered something that was exclusive and actually good (something that the PSP needed then as now) it was also something totally unique. There was nothing else like LocoRoco. Well, there was something called Gish, that a lot of people said it was copied off, but in reality it's not actually that similar.

LocoRoco offered something that we don't see often – a new way to play games. You don't actually control the eponymous LocoRoco, you control instead the world they rest on, tilting it left and right with the shoulder buttons, and bouncing them with the two together. The controls were simple and effective, immediately 'getable', but took some time to master. This is the core of good game design."

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