WorthPlaying: Chrono Trigger Review

WorthPlaying writes: "The year was 1995. Gamers everywhere were elated that the console gaming industry had been proving for 10 years that home video gaming was viable, and the second generation of console wars was in full swing, with the Sega Genesis versus Nintendo's Super Nintendo and NEC's TurboGrafx-16 as an also-ran. While the Genesis had been released earlier, the Super Nintendo had a much more fruitful crop of role-playing games, ranging from Final Fantasy II and III (American, for the purists) to Secret of Mana to mistakes like Legend of Evermore and Paladin's Quest. The genre looked fairly well-exhausted, and all of a sudden, Squaresoft (yes, before the company merged with Enix) came out with a game called Chrono Trigger."

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