WorthPlaying: Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Review

WorthPlaying writes: "We gamers sure do take pleasure in tearing apart games based upon Hollywood's latest hits. At one time or other, we've all turned up our noses at their lack of the high-end design evidenced by titles that have not been released alongside a film. However, I'm of the mind that the harsh criticism usually thrown at licensed games should be taken down a notch when that license happens to be one aimed at children, just like Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. Sure, they may not be eligible for any awards, but remember that the intended audience is probably more concerned with enjoying the magic of talking animals. Unfortunately, no matter how much one tries to think of the children, it's still pretty difficult to see past the shortage of compelling gameplay Madagascar 2 is stricken with, even for kids. While there is certainly some family-friendly entertainment to be found in the mix of platforming and party games, Madagascar 2 doesn't quite offer a winning combination of the two to justify a purchase after seeing the film it accompanies."

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