Appletell reviews Ivory Tiles for iPhone, iPod touch

Appletell: "I'm not sure who these MunkyFun people are and why they're here, but if I ever run into them, I'm going to have two things to say. 1.) Monkeys get too much airtime. I don't know if it's because people think they're cute animals or if the word "monkey" is just fun to say, but can we please start passing some of that love onto the jackalope or the platypus, both of which are equally fun to say? 2.) You've created the perfect iPhone game.

Now, but let me qualify that. Ivory Tiles is not for everyone. It's a puzzle game. I know that turns a lot of people off, and that's fine. But as far as puzzle games go-and when it comes to use of the iPhone/iPod touch's accelerometer-Ivory Tiles is the best I've seen yet."

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