Nintendojo: Neopets Puzzle Adventure Review

Othello has been left in obscurity for far too long, and Capcom and Griptonite have done a great job creating a "next gen" version of the rule set to draw new folks in. From the franchise side, the game doesn't shed a lot of light on the breadth and scope of the sizable Neopets universe, but it works well enough as a subtle "come hither" to check out and see all the other functionality and experiences available for Neopets fans.

From the adventure/RPG angle, though, this is no Puzzle Quest: the story's short and simple, and gaining experience points is really a glorified timer for unlocking additional slots to equip Petpets. Nevertheless, it's the heart of classic-but-tweaked Othello gameplay that makes this a title worth picking up again and again.

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