Sony is still determining the definition "Next Gen"

DCI from GamesOnSmash follows up on a previous article explaining why Sony is creating the definition of "Next Gen".

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Liquid Snake3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

For all Sony's faults you really can't fault them for always pushing the boundaries and always improving. The writer of the article is correct "Sony is still determining the definition "Next Gen""

My Playstation 3 today isn’t the same one I bought 8 months ago.

They are always updating the PSN and XMB and are listening to players. They are also pushing the limit with multiplayer - 60 players in Resistance 2, A worldwide social network in LBP and 256 Players online in MAG . Also they are spitting out AAA 1st and 2nd party exclusives like there’s no tomorrow, in 2009 Sony is going to make me broke!

All they need to do is add backwards compatibility for PS2 games and I am one happy gamer. Good thing i still have my PS2.

Final_Rpg3519d ago

Not to rub it in... BUT I can't help saying the happiness I feel from being able to upscale my ps2 titles to 1080p. So freaking awesome, why the hell would Sony take that feature out??(rhetorical)

Bob Dole3519d ago

You're right. They should have stuck with the 60 gb console as the most expensive. No bc is ridiculous

Saigon3519d ago

they are still working on the emulation software. From what i heard the problem right now is that all games will not work with the software. I am sure by the end of this year we will have something

Cajun Chicken3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

I couldn't of said it finer myself. There was a post that Nathan Drake had last night that listed the things that happened to PS3 this year, TBH, its been great, the PS3 is an all different beast now. I can't wait to see what happens to it next.


A good few months ago, most the Jak series started working on BC on my 60gb EU even though they didn't before, BC is still being actively patched secretely in firmwares every now and then, why?
Compared to all PS3 users, theres a small amount of PS3 owners with any form of BC. I would be shocked if BC for PS2 games never came back and it really does NEED TO COME BACK, so everyone can have that second Playstation functioning in the PS3.

fire233519d ago

Hey i can't say that its a guarantee, but for the backwards compatibility i think that they will start gearing it up soon for 3 reasons. First B/C was expensive so that is why they took it out, and now software could easily be made. Second the PS2 is almost ready to retire, they didn't want to take away sales from that just yet, since it made money. And finally there are a ton of studios now that are finishing up humongous projects, like home, KZ2 engine, stuff like that, they are free to have at it.

Ryudo3518d ago

I have to say am sorta sad my PS3 ain't backwards compatible. Although from the video I have seen is it just me or is the PS2 still the best at playing PS2 games. except for sadly having no wireless pad. All the videos I watch makes the PS3 BC look less colourful then the PS2.

Although being from the UK I really only had the option of a 80gig PS3 with only 50 percent backwards compatibility or a 40gig PS3. The 40gig one cost 220 and the 80gig 300 so it was a simple choice really.

Bob Dole3518d ago

Bob Dole had to shell out $650 for his 60gig. Worth every penny.

whoelse3518d ago

I recon Sony will have full PS2 software emulation AND PS2 game downloads before the end of the year.

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Simon_Brezhnev3519d ago

i agree with everything he said especially this part

"Any fan boy who downplays how good they look either is a hater, a fool, or both."

Keele3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )


Idiots aren't allowed to have opinions.

You got 33 of 53 achievements on Fable 2 despite how much you disliked it. Shows it was somewhat entertaining from your point of view.

And, you've never played Banjo.

Oh and lets not forget your name. It's horrendously retarded. So retarded that it's an eyesore. I recommend you change it to something more suitable..

Imagine.. instead of FAZTKILLAR you could have a creative name that will actually show the world what kind of person you are.. something like.. MORAN.

I think that'd suit you good.

Faztkiller3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

I wasted $60 dollars on it so i got what i could out of it
Btw it only to 4 hours to get them
Not played banjo on my profile
And its my opinion and it must mean alot to u

Magic_The_Celt3519d ago


at Keele having a nervous break down

ultimolu3519d ago

It's alright Keele. I know it pains you to see not everyone thinks like you's true. People have opinions. Yeah, I's hard to swallow.

dantesparda3518d ago

Its "moron", you moron, lol

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Mr Tretton3519d ago

With all the crap talk, with all the constant crap, I am extremely happy to own this system. I love my PS3. Weeeeeeeeeeeee!

Xbox Street Gang3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Damn! And here I thought playing a single game across 4 discs and watching upscaled dvds was next-gen...

Ryudo3518d ago

Sorry but the Wii is clearly more Next-Gen then the PS3. The next update allows the Wii DVD playback. And the 420p graphics are awesome on the eyes.

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