The 10 most Anticipated iPhone Games of 2009

With Nintendo and Sony duking it out over a stake on the handheld gaming, Apple has flanked both PSP and DS with a bevy of accessible games on iPhone.

First came a tsunami of casual games, followed by an end-of-year blitz of some truly stellar titles.

Looking forward to 2009, though, gamers can see an even bigger year for iPhone with too many heavy-hitting games to fit into the Top 10.

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xlx-russ_923431d ago

MGS and Bioshock. OMG. APPLE ROX. iPod Touch FTW.

fredrikpedersen3431d ago

I've never been an Apple whore, and I don't intend to start.

deeznuts3431d ago

Me neither. But I'm launching a business in a couple days, and needed a smartphone. I'm anti-smartphone if you could imagine that "All I do is call and text." But after debating the bold and iphone, I ended up with the iphone since I will need extensive HTML browsing. Bold didn't cut the mustard even though it was pretty damn nice.

That said, business - no videos/music/games on my iphone. Just won't do it. No time for that stuff on my phone. If want to play, I'll save it for when I get home and I have a PS3, 360, Wii, PC and a PSP.

N4PS3G3431d ago

MGS and Bioshock!! all mine

Iphone FTW!

riddlesticks3431d ago

Lux Touch... Deluxe version.... =D

f7897903431d ago

It takes no thought whatsoever to play. I'm surprised that Apple was able to get Bioshock and MGS to come to the iphone. It will be interesting to see what the sales for them are because only gamers would buy these. I think most will buy bejeweled.

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