CVG: 9 Must Have Games of 2009

With 2008 officialy behind people it is get excited about what gamers are going to be playing this year. CVG is fully expecting a multitude of new announcements for the year ahead, but for the time being it's about what they KNOW will be awesome.

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MGOelite3427d ago

OMG! how has a gloryfied expansion got on there and not killzone 2??? really wtf?

SonySoldiers3427d ago

Cuz "KILLZONE" sounds cheesy.. and parents don't like there kids playing games that is bloody. KZ isn't as popular as HALO. Sad FACT.

Mr_President_3427d ago

Trade Halo 3-2 and Mafia II for Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 then the list is perfect.

Bnet3433427d ago

Killzone hasn't proved itself as a worthy console game yet. With Halo 3, you know what you're getting.

jammy_703427d ago

it might be when it comes out, and in sure it will be better

this list really sucks though....

ktchong3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Killzone was not even a good game. Like Killzone 2, Killzone was overhyped for having pretty graphics. But when the game came out, it turned out to be mostly a disappointment.

The developer of Killzone series, Guerilla, has NEVER made a good game.

So what makes you think Killzone 2 will even be a good game? Right now, what it has is HYPE. However, based on the developer and series' track record, it's a safe bet to say that the game will not live up to the hype.

Killzone 2 won't be great. And if history repeats itself, then Killzone 2 won't even be a good game.

People should based their expectation on the developer's reputation and series' track record. Don't based it on hype alone.

Giriath3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Killzone Liberation did fairly well and was by no means a bad game. Some of you mention that we know Halo 3: ODST will be good, because it's Halo and we've played it before. But Bungie have pretty much only told us that this won't be like the other Halo games, so I'd call that hype.

On the other hand, Killzone 2's reputation certainly isn't only based on fan hype. Nearly all hands-on and preview articles (of which there have been many) have been very positive, and players who participated in the multiplayer beta (including me) can all chime in with the critics,

How can you call this unjustified hype when so many who have actually played it can confirm that it's not? Heck, if you look around, you can see videos featuring a great deal of the first half of the game, even though they are from the preview build.

ktchong3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

Lair demos and previews prior to its disastrous release also looked darn great.

Of course, we all know how that one turned out.

I don't care much for Halo. But I just know that Killzone's studio, Guerrilla Games, just have never made a good game before. Killzone: Liberation was decent at best.

Again, the previews of Killzone 1 also looked great prior to the game's release. That's how it got so hyped in the first place. And then the game came out... and it was just mediocre. It's not awful, but it's below average.

So, Guerilla has done the same thing before: hyping a game before its release, showing impressive previews before the game is released... and then the game turned out to be mediocre.

And here's the final word: Guerrilla just has never made a really game, ever. Can you name a game from Guerrilla that was above average? Nothing. Nada. Not a zit. The best they could do, so far, as their track record has shown, is to make below-average game. So don't expect them to pull a miracle with Killzone 2.

I say more likely than not, Killzone 2 will be another Lair. Impressive previews... but then turn out to be not so hot. Most likely Killzone 2 won't be as awful as Lair, but it just won't be great, because Guerrilla just doesn't have it in 'em. i.e., they just don't have the talent to make a great game. Either they have it or they don't... and they have already shown that they don't.

BlazeXXL3427d ago

Do you honestly believe a developer cannot improve? So just because their first project was a failed atempt, they won't be able to create a good game ever again? Wow, just wow. What a flawed logic...

Ow, and to backfire your reasoning: Guerilla Games, while working on Killzone 1, was a little company, with about 20-30 employees working there at that time. Now compare that to the team thats working on Killzone 2: 200 people, perhaps even more.

Guerilla already proved themselves. Just look at their engine, 1 of the most technically advanced engines in the industry.

bviperz3427d ago

Sorry, but the list isn't called 'Must Have Games of 2009 for KIDS', so your reasoning doesn't make any sense at all. May I suggest you look at the list. If you did then, wait a minute, they took out blood and gore from RE5, GOW3, Bioshock 2, Mafia 2, etc?

TheExecutive3426d ago

@ The Round Peg....

How do we know it will be good? Probably from the thousands of people in the beta screaming about how fun it was... just a thought.

mxdan3426d ago

Stop being fanboys guys. It's a good list. You don't need a list with every ps3 exclusive for it to be a good one. Likewise the same for the 360. The games listed are shaping to be fantastic titles exclusive or not.

Your so biased and busy glorifying your system that your to blind to see this...

Willio3426d ago

You believe Killzone 2 may not be great, thats fine, but you are basing it off history. If you had read any current previews the past few months, all have been good previews.

Rare used to make great games like Goldeneye, but it doesnt justify banjocrappery and vivalacrap (which could have sold more on the Wii if it was never bought out by MS). Rare has proven the irony of "history doesnt always repeat itself."

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sunnygrg3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

What I am expecting more than any of those games on the list (keeping GOW3 aside) is the February title Killzone 2.

SONYSLAVE3427d ago

Infamous is a clone of the force unleashed and prototype

prototype will be much better.

Magic_The_Celt3427d ago



which started development first, prototype or infamous? ;)

TheColbertinator3427d ago

Halo:Recon will be good but I need to see more info/screens on it

liquidsnake3427d ago

Well, my list would be to remove Halo 3: ODST, RE5 and Starcraft 2 and replace it with KZ2, Diablo 3 and Infamous.

beavis4play3427d ago

without it (and KZ2).....this list is meaningless

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