Get your own Final Fantasy XII Judge Gabranth helmet for $1100

Destructoid: "Final Fantasy XII is a splendid role-playing game. In fact, I've recently started replaying it. I forgot how great the story was. I like it, but I don't like it enough to buy this piece of memorabilia.

Importer Play-Asia has a 1:1 scale Judge Magister Gabranth helmet on sale for the low and completely reasonable price of $1099. This helmet is life-sized. By putting it over your head, you could be come almost as imposing and powerful-looking as Gabranth himself. And it will protect your head from all the bullies making fun of you for wearing it and spending that much."

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Eiffel3433d ago

Only $1100!?!

What a steal!


Ngai3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

this is so fuking old.. not to mention the bs value of this entry

Ngai3433d ago

happy new year btw n9g

Cheeseknight283433d ago

"I forgot how great the story was."

LOLwut? Even Crystal Chronicles or Final Fantasy III had a better story. You can sum up FFXII's plot as "Find princess, save princess, help princess, kill tyrant, the end" Unless I'm forgetting something, there were no major twists in the story whatsoever (Was Balthier being a judge in the past supposed to pull an emotional string?), and the political BS they fed us was incredibly dull compared to the usual character development.

Unfortunately, I didn't care much for the battle system either so I doubt I'll ever play through it again (Or fight the extra bosses for that matter).

mephman3433d ago

Amen to that, but the hat is quite cool; even if it is $1,100

JoySticksFTW3433d ago

Dull story, cool characters in Balthier, Fran, & Basch.., and I liked the gambit system. Felt like I was playing FFXI without being online

v1c1ous3433d ago

if it had been a good final fantasy ._.