Overall VGChartz Game of the Year Awards 2008

Happy New Year! By GMT it's now 2009, and to kick off the new year, we are giving you our staff's picks for our favorite games of 2008 accross all platforms. Please note: These are, and always will be, opinions. I would be very surprised if any two of you shared the exact same opinions on all these categories, so don't expect to share them with us. We don't expect you to share our opinions. If everyone had the same opinions on gaming it would be boring. Post respectfully, and enjoy the lists.

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MGOelite3461d ago

best 3rd person shooter: MGS4
best graphics: MGS4
best platformer: LBP
most inovvataive LBP
best stradagy valkria chronicles
best JRPG valkria chronicles
most disappointing: GTA4

theres alot of ps3 exclusives on this list, im all for it but im not sure about other people, anyway good for the ps3, it looks like it is the year of the ps3 after all

well for once i actually agree with VGchartz unlike usally they seem to be telling the truth.

im very disappointed with GT awards.

best ps3: GTA4
best 360: GTA4

who actually liked that game??

vhero3461d ago

yep a lot of ps3 exclusives from a site that has in the past been slated for upping 360 sales numbers.. Either way I agree with all of them and although 360 has had a good year the exclusives havn't been the best. Proving you don't need great exclusive content to make a good console.

Oner3461d ago

I agree that this shocked the living hell out of me...their numbers may be funny at times but they did a pretty good job on their awards choices.

Beg For Mercy3461d ago

gametrailers took the same approuch and gave grand theft disappointment game of the year they cant piss off the affiliate ms but ps3 dominated the awards and people say that this wasent the year of the ps3 psst get a life, im calling it 2009 year of the ps3 IT BEGINS FEB 27TH

MGOelite3461d ago

ya i also agree killzone 2 will make 2009 ps3 year alone, i really hope sony market the flying fuk outta of it though so it gets the attention it deserves

pansenbaer3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Holy crap. I was not expecting that list AT ALL! Valkyria Chronicles and LittleBigPlanet got like 3 awards each. So happy another site decided Game of the Year was something other than Grand Theft Auto 4.

TheColbertinator3461d ago

Vgchartz made some good choices even though their sales figures are inaccurate as hell.

Valkyria Chronicles got JRPG,Strategy,and Sleeper Hit awards.Of that I am pleased

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The story is too old to be commented.