What's In Store for 2009?

In case you haven't read about or know what games are lined up for 2009, here's a list of some of the games for 2009 that are worth a peek. From big titles to games you've probably never heard of.

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Killzone2 and GOD OF WAR 3.... Enough said...

BlackSpartan1873272d ago

No Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, God of War 3, White Knight Chronicles, Infamous, Uncharted 2, Final Fantasy Versus. Instead they have LA Noire and DC Universe as the only PS3 games to look forward to 2009. This list is bias, did they live under rock the last two months. Every PS3 owner is looking forward to those games.

AdolfBinBush3272d ago

i guess now we can replace the "play beyond" slogan with "play in 2009". not that we're not playing now, its just that "play beyond" sounds wrong coming from sony.. if you know what i mean.

crunchie1013272d ago

Yes why is L.A. Noire on there, which, for all we know is vapourware, and neither Heavy Rain, God of War 3 nor Killzone 2 are on there?

Mr PS33272d ago

First up
Killzone 2

What a Start

SONYSLAVE3272d ago

and keep that start you will need it Mr PS3 ;)

anubis123272d ago

price drop for they can catch up in the world of competetion.

pp3272d ago

I'm really really looking forward to killzone 2 i just want to have a laugh at the flop sales it generates.

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