GiantBomb Review: Crash Commando

GiantBomb: "Crash Commando puts you in the boots of a soldier from one of two warring factions: The Jarheads or The grunts, the war rages across (at time of release) 8 Different Maps. Its simple yet appealing graphics are reminiscent of Bionic Commando - rearmeds, styling, The over the top Gore, Childish taunts and Rocket jumping fast paced twitch warefare is similar to the Unreal tournament series. Main method of transport is a mixture of running, jumping, crouching and flying with the aid of a jetpack, the left analogue stick being used to perform commando rolls and ariel stunts that can even be turned into vicious attacks. Scattered throughout the map is also an assortment of Vehicles and turrets that can be used at any time by any player, providing extra speed, protection or firepower."

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