PlayStation Home And Second Life: Worlds Apart

Kotaku: "Ever since PlayStation Home was first announced in January 2007, people have been calling it Second Life for the PlayStation 3. We take a look at what separates these two very different virtual worlds.

Having been immersed in Second Life for the better part of two years now, We first ventured into the virtual world due to the initial impressions that PlayStation Home was a clone of the popular online community for the PlayStation 3. Now having spent a significant amount of time exploring what PlayStation Home has to offer, We decided to take a look at how wrong or right those initial impressions were.

Even if users thinks that both environments are the same thing, there are many people who have seen that both worlds got two totally different goals."

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Sez 3427d ago

thats true,second life is actually fun to play. home is boring with nothing to do.

Israfel3427d ago

We should try our best to stick together!!!!

Graphics Whore3427d ago

Figures you would say that vega, when is your in-game wedding again? I haven't got the wedding decorator to spice up your dumpster yet.

barom3427d ago

They both are somewhat boring but at least in Home I got my friends

Sez 3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

was that surpose to be funny. or was that your lame @ss attempt to change the subject on the fact that home sucks.and that sony is trying to hide behind the word "BETA" because they knew they were going to catch flak for delaying it so long only to give ps3 owners this garbage. well i tell you this. I'VE NEVER SEEN OR HEARD OF A BETA WHERE YOU BUY STUFF WITH REAL MONEY. when at anytime everything is subject to change. where nothing is writen in stone. except you just lost money in a beta.

P.S. oh i forgot your invite. i'm marrying your mother decorate that.

MNicholas3427d ago

Still, now that the basic platform has been released and appears stable, expect content to explode in 2009 and 2010 as the stuff that's in development is added.

Will home be successful? If Sony makes it fun and free, people will use it. It really is up to the people running the project to figure out how to inject compelling content and how to keep things clean and family friendly at the same time (without resorting to naked furries).

psnDevistator3563427d ago

Really one of the pluses of home is that unlike Second life. The crazy furries, pedofiles, or whatever can't make crazy things(to express themselves). They just talk and in home you just report them or ignore.

For a more stable person as myself. I would choose home over second life any day.

If I was like those people on 4chan, had no life at all, mentally unstable, a loser, or etc... then I'd probably love second life.

Blademask3427d ago

1.Kotaku hates home/sony
2.Kotaku Calls HOME a Second Life Rip-Off.
3.Kotaku Calls HOME Nothing Like Second Life.

WHAT THE HELL? Its liketheir job is to not play their 360's and just sit around complaining about sony all day.

Is there ANY website that complains about Microsoft's 360 daily? Please, show me journalism isn't biased in gaming.

MAiKU3427d ago

It's called Bad Journalism

Graphics Whore3427d ago

Marrying my mother? So you never did get your vision fixed.

Sez 3427d ago

yeah. like i thought. thats all you got. GTFO

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Hal Emmerich3427d ago

Its true, they only have one thing in common, they both suck!!

I kid, I kid...

solidsnakus3427d ago

if only you were kidding...

Eiffel3427d ago

I'll make it simple.

Fu*k Mii's, Avatars, Home.

Cut the virtual social BS and play your games.

If only Sony,Microsoft and Nintendo were people I would love to say it to their face loud and proud.

Killzonegamer833427d ago

Its still a mystery to me how home "didnt live up to the expectations" for some people, its a social networking 3d app meant to meet and socilize with people or just hang out with your friends. people overlook how big a step forward home is for gaming consoles. Just think, before Home the ONLY way you could meet other gamers is by playing another multiplayer game, well we all know during multiplayer games its noisy, everyone talks at once and everyone is concentrating on trying to achieve the goal. With Home its a place to relax if you just want to meet other fellow gamers and make it more personal.

I think home is great now and will keep getting better and better. Better than the NXE avatars where you cant do anything with them whatsoever and they look like little eerie 12 year olds whereas home looks more real. I dont get why all the hate for Home, i mean seriously.. what did you guys expect?! a 3d GTA style APP where you go around buying real life virtual hookers and beat them up for virtual money to buy things for your Home

OOG3427d ago

I think home hasnt lived up to my expectations because...... Whenever people have asked for things that live had to offer such as private chat....voice invites etc etc.....everyone well at least on here...would be like o wait till home it will have all this and more...and yeah it doesnt........:/ ah well I have the systems to play games...not to live in a virtual no biggie to me

xlg3427d ago

This is my expirience on NXE. When i turn on my X360 i search for new messages, surf the NXE for new content and if i find something new to share, i select all my friends in my list or all the ones that i know that care about what im going to share with them and send a message with the news. Then like usual somebody send me an invite to play with them in multiplayer or chat in a Private chat, video chat or a party chat. Soon I look for between the games that i have the one feels like to me to play and get into the purpose for why i spend money for my console "GAMING" OFFLINE AND MULTIPLAYER while im doing that im socializing and ¿What better way to socialize with somebody in the world of video games than a head shot or a nice well executed combo?. In my opinion HOME its a waste of time. ¿Who wants to spend time wandering around in Home doing nothing and just chating? I can do that in NXE "WHILE IM GAMING" We have video chat but you dont see all my friends in my list spending their time in a video chat. I have 100 friends and 40-50 are always online between 12:00 PM and 1:00 AM but you dont see them video chating. You bring the idea of Home to the NXE its going to have the same destiny. People are here for GAMING and socialize while gaming i dont care about how many trophies or achievements you have, thats for a few ignorants that they wanna feel important in this gaming world. ¿Do i care about your Achievements? I DONT GIVE A Fnck! AND I KNOW THATS THE SAME FEELING OF A LOT OF GAMERS OUT THERE. Home its boring, the idea have good intentions but its boring. Give them some Gotcha or Water Guns, Baseball bats or a Sword to spice it up! Give them games where they can play their avatars against their heroes or favorite villains. Give them the oportunity to use their avatars on against Ryu and Ken to hit them with a Sho Ryu Ken! BUT WAIT! Wii already have that! so XboxLive and Home copy them! But XboxLive have the best looking ones for that! just put a Wii avatar and a Home avatar fighting Ryu and they dont looks nice even Ryu its going to say: hell no this guys looks stupid they dont even bring a good fight to appearances! But about NEX avatars: Bring it! im going to hit your cutiie face so many times im gonna let you dumb like the Pillsbury character.

METtAL-GAMER3427d ago

Home is good if you are into meeting people online and like seeing a big number on your friends list.Me, I could care less.All I do on home is look at the video's playing in the theater and mall.

Killzonegamer833427d ago

Sony did not promise those things whatsoever to be included in Home, you created your own impossible expecations and listened to FANBOYS, next time wait until official word from Sony ok kid?

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