More Home Glitch Videos

TEAM ALPHA is at it again. Check out 4 new glitch videos showing you some neat tricks you can pull off in Home. Why? Cause you know you want the attention.

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TomMcBaum3516d ago

This is ART. I particularly like the disappearing act. Kudos!

Valdass3516d ago

still in beta beta beta beta beta

NipGrip3516d ago

I give you an agree as it is still in beta, but I never get these inane "beta beta beta" comments. Some people enjoy finding harmless glitches. Some don't. Why waste your time with something you don't enjoy?

-EvoAnubis-3515d ago

Of course it's still in beta. What is the role of a beta tester? TO FIND GLITCHES.

Raz3515d ago

Kinda sad that this is how we entertain ourselves in Home. But lacking an entertaining environment, I suppose we have to find our fun wherever we can... o_O

Dir_en_grey3515d ago

I tried like the waterfall trick, but I fall straight down when I tried to go from the rail to the poster stands on the 1st floor below the chess tables.
I tried the "rub technique" but I still fall straight down before I can reach the poster stands...
Anybody know how to do it?

Rico_Suavez3515d ago

What is the point in standing on top of objects? What do you achieve in doing this?

Close_Second3515d ago about all Home offers right now. Take that away and what do you have left?

Seriously, when does this come out of BETA and actually offer some dedicated game rooms for R2, K2, etc, etc.

Hot_tea3515d ago

I do it now and then to wig out noobs.

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The story is too old to be commented.