Best. Headshot. EVER.

Anyone who has seen or played Fallout 3 knows that the slo-mo VATS system can provide some pretty gruesome scenes - this is no exception. Possibly the goriest headshot Ripten has ever seen in their lives, complete with distinctive flying eyeballs and a lower jaw, is contained herein. Mature content warning!

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Milk is for Babies3396d ago

Indeed. That was so gross that I puked a little bit.

Cookigaki3396d ago

As long as you still have your lower jaw, you will be okay.

Twizlex3396d ago

LOL, his avatar looks like he has enough lower jaw for 2 people.

Milk is for Babies3396d ago

Yeah, you wish you had this much lower jaw. I got so much lower jaw that I don't even chew my food, it just crumbles in fear.

Twizlex3396d ago

Was that a Chuck Norris joke?

Milk is for Babies3396d ago

Not that I know of. Maybe I only half remembered it from the pits of my subconscious, but the only Chuck Norris face joke I know of was the one about his chin being another fist.

UnSelf3396d ago

nice lol

well...not so nice for him

Helghast3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

Chuck Norris doesn't use a razor to cut his beard. He kicks himself in the face because the only thing that cut Chuck Norris is CHUCK NORRIS!

Chuck Norris is like a diamond

The only thing that can cut a diamond is another diamond.

The only thing that can cut Chuck Norris is Chuck Norris!

Helghast3396d ago

Bubbles from DragonBall Z!

That show was awesome! DragonBall GT was... well.. not awesome :(

Bnet3433396d ago

The guys laugh plus his "oh shiz" made it even sweeter.

Mozilla893396d ago

Thats exactly what I was gonna say.

solidt123396d ago

OHHHH that was a good one. The eye balls just flew out that hewad happy new year mickey vuckeys. Yeas i am up at mifdnight drunk typing.

iceman29293396d ago

"only thing that can cut a diamond is another diamond"... excuse me , but i believe chuck norris can cut diamonds with his fingernails...

DaTruth3396d ago

DAMN!!!(Get's dressed to go and buy it but remembers it's a holiday and no stores are open).

LoVeRSaMa3396d ago

IMO the JFK Shooting was the best headshot ever but..

BabyStomper50003396d ago

Yeah it is nice, but once you do this over and over in the game it gets kinda boring.... not the exploding head part that's great, it's the slow motion part that takes forever. Like those ghouls, sledghammer/powerfist to the face in normal time is so much easier than shooting them.


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Cookigaki3396d ago

Wow. Cookigaki is impressed. Fallout 3, Cookigaki loves you more every day.

Twizlex3396d ago

Yeah, me too. Fallout 3 is the sh!t.

Statix3396d ago

Whose JTV channel is that taken from?

BURNiNGiCE3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

fourplayerpodcast's channel

that was Brad I think..

AnttiApina3396d ago

It's from 4 Player Podcast. Damn I love those guys!

Bigrhyno3396d ago

I need to get Fallout 3 out of my pile of shame.

Timesplitter143396d ago

you mean it was in your pile of shame?

Bigrhyno3396d ago

I wanted to wait until I had more time to devote to it, instead of trying to play it in between all these other games that came out during the holiday.