Tech Olive's Retro Review: The Secret of Monkey Island

"I have been a fan of adventure games for a long time, even before my Amiga replaced the Commodore 64, and The Secret of Monkey Island (TSoMI) is one of those games that stands out in my mind. This is my tribute to one of the most amusing games I played during my youth, and after a second playing, I am very happy to confirm that it is as good as I remembered." -Steve Hage

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Si-Pie3361d ago

I loved this game and is one of my favourite all time games! I still now and again play through it. However despite what the article said you dont learn to swear in it to win swordfights but you have to learn new insults and come backs to win a swordfight like “You fight like a dairy farmer.” and the come back would be “How appropriate. You fight like a cow.” haha.