More Mega Man LittleBigPlanet Goodness

Capcom Blog: LittleBigPlanet is one of those games that's a tool for creatively expressing yourself, and we've seen a few really cool Capcom flavored stages from fans. Above is one I just recently saw in our creative section, done by Availation. Above is his level entitled "Proto Man's Rescue." This is a prelude to his level, "Mega Man's Escape," which you can find in his blog. Stop over to his blog and see the vids, and if you have a PS3 'n LBP go try out his stages!

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3518d ago

Excellent creativity displayed the PS community.I never see that kind of initiative in the 360 community

Hal Emmerich3518d ago

I love this game so much! It just keeps on giving hehe

UNCyrus3518d ago

I'm so glad that I found this... This made my New Years

SAiOSiN3518d ago

*Stands up and slowly claps*

Johnny Rotten3518d ago

*joins in and falls over from the booze*


Godmars2903518d ago

for a megabuster in LBP?

jaybdemented3518d ago

megabuster would be nice but with the paintball gun you will never see it in lbp. I would like to see some of the power ups come to it. double jump, dash,etc.

Godmars2903518d ago

If the Jak and Dex pack is coming, then we'll probably see double jump.

Not that such a thing would be a positive, given the way jumps work in LBP.