What Apple Can Teach Nintendo and Sony

PC World writes: "Nintendo, Sony: Let's talk for a sec--just you and me. Look, guys, over the past couple of years, you've had a great run. Nintendo, your DS has tons of games, a wide variety of unique stuff that's a blast to play. Sony, your PSP is a gadget-lover's gaming tool, with everything from Skype to Internet-radio support (oh, yeah, and you have some cool games, as well). But unless you both do something in 2009, the iPhone and iPod Touch will soon become the top dogs in handheld gaming."

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Hal Emmerich3488d ago

I don't know anyone who bought one for the games, I sure as hell didn't buy mine for the games.

The DS and PSP are selling like crazy in lots of regions, I'm sure they're not too worried, especially Nintendo they don't even need anymore DS sales to have made a huge profit.

meepmoopmeep3487d ago

i didn't either but now all the big publishing boys are jumping onto this thing
if they can bring out good games i'll get them.

MGS will be my first

SaiyanFury3487d ago

Yeah I have my PSP for portable games. I'll never an Apple platform for games. I don't think Apple has anything to teach me. I love my PSP and no Apple device will show it to be different.

Bnet3433488d ago

"the iPhone and iPod Touch will soon become the top dogs in handheld gaming."


NipGrip3487d ago

Because parents are going to buy their kids Apple iTouch's to game on. Does this guy even have any freaking clue what he is talking about? He thinks the minority of hipster 30 something year old iPhone owners are going to undo what Nintendo has?? Hahahahhahahaahahahahaha... brereeaaaatttthhheeeee.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA... what a moron.

mint royale3487d ago

everyone has one from kids to teenagers to people in their 20's to grandparents.

The psp has become the first challenger to a nintendo handheld that has stayed in their and held its own and offers many different functions.

So no the only thing apple could bring to the table is to show nintendo and sony how to make faulty products.

barom3488d ago

Wow PC World sux. I mean yea iPhone has some good games on the go but they are no where near the quality of PSP/DS.

aaquib093487d ago

They'd see that the iPhone's graphics performance is higher than the DS and PSP. Play a game like Ferrari GT on the iPhone and you'll understand what the hype is around. Don't just assume that the PSP and DS are better.

Of course I WILL get disagrees, but that's just because of the biased fanboys on this site.

ambientFLIER3487d ago

You'll also get disagrees for being a douche apple fanboy.

ChickeyCantor3487d ago

Apple fanboys are funny. =D

Mahr3488d ago

As much as I love a lot of the games on the iPhone and as much as the device is as much an extension of body as, say, my hands or feet, 2009 seems to me to be a bit too soon an estimate for Apple to reach parity with Sony or Nintendo in the handheld gaming market. Practically speaking, it's so far done little to erode their share of sales so-far, so it would essentially be a case of going from zero to sixty in less than a year, which I don't really see happening.

Da One3488d ago

until mario, pokemon, god of war, crisis core quality games then I'll consider it................

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The story is too old to be commented.