First Look at the Story of Demon's Souls

1UP: "As you count down the remaining hours of 2008, check out the story trailer (above) for the PlayStation 3 action RPG Demon's Souls. We've been impressed by what we've seen of the game in the past, and this new trailer shows us a bit of what to expect from the game's plot -- and looks good doing it. Make sure to read our hands-on preview for more details on the game. "

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Cwalat3401d ago

looks really good :)

hopefully a US/EU release isn't faar away..

meepmoopmeep3401d ago

the story seems cool from the prelude.

SAiOSiN3401d ago

OMG! This looks so much better than what we saw a few months ago. There were snippets of CGI in there but just a little. This is the most epic trailer I've seen this year. This game looks remarkable. OMG!!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I WANT THIS!

Hal Emmerich3401d ago

This could be kinda cool, another one to add to the PS3 exclusives coming out hehe

meepmoopmeep3401d ago

look cool, what is it? action RPG?

T-Baggins3400d ago

Wow, I had no interest in this game at all, but this trailer actually changed my mind, Looks very cool, especially the dragon.

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