The Most Disappointing Games of 2008(The Goozex Report)

For every anticipated game that lives up to the hype, there is one that disappoints. The promises a company makes to build hype around their game often leaves gamers saddened when they realize they just paid full price for a game that fulfills only some of the promises. On Christmas day, several gamers opened games that they wouldn't wish on anybody. Of course, these people had to put on their fake smiles, and attempt to play through a few minutes of the mentioned game. As with any year, 2008 had a solid amount of disappointing games. The disappointment of the year award isn't the worst game of the year. It's the game that disappointed anticipatory gamers the most.

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NJShadow3515d ago

Ok... why would this guy bring up NHL 08, a game THAT CAME OUT IN 2007? NHL 08 is old news whereas NHL 09 was and still is excellent. I can agree that Sonic Unleashed was a big let down (becoming quite common with Sonic games unfortunately) but why would you post this article and only list roughly 2 games?

MrWeymes3515d ago

The picks were made by two individuals.

JimmyJames703515d ago

08,09,what's the difference? And who really cares? It's the same game, isn't it?

Xlll3515d ago

08,09,what's the difference? And who really cares? It's the same game, isn't it?

Maybe you should try playing them. There is a difference.

Elvfam5113515d ago

Too Human don't forget it.

kwyjibo3513d ago

No, we all expected Too Human to be rubbish anyway.

xlx-russ_923515d ago

lol, good one. how about banjo, Lips or u r in the movies.

Unicron3515d ago

Honestly, in my OPINION, I was most disappointed with GTA4. It was such a technical leap forward, and I love how Rockstar added Trophies... but the actual game itself was far more sparse and more repetitive than San Andreas. It's not a bad game by any means, and online can be fun if you aren't trying to be competitive, but I feel like it's a step back in the GTA franchise itself. Niko rocks, true, but I expected more.

MrWeymes3515d ago

You're entitled to your opinion, and I agree that it was one of the many disappointments this year. Grand Theft Auto 4 was a solid game, but it forgot one of the most important aspects of the series; fun. There wasn't a lot of fun to be had outside of the online.

Baka-akaB3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

I know your opinion is a popular one , especially among old time gta fans , but i disagree .
Never was a huge gta fan , bore me quite fast and easily , and it's even worse for it's goofy clones such as saint row .

Imo GTA4 was a huge step forward , less pointless fooling around , a more story driven (yet free) and cohesive experience .
I could still eliminate bystanders when i felt like it , but finally there was a plot and a mood behind .
At least more than "what's up i'm da hood" San Andreas with just it's nice mini games , and more than the borefest that was imo gta 3 .

Of course it could still be that way with keeping the mini games and activities , but they reinvented themselves on next gen console and that was a huge task already on their hand . I'm sure they'll do better next time or in dlc , when it comes to "fun" content

Unicron3515d ago

I hear ya Baka. I liked the plot as well, and characters... but I miss the whole "once the game is done, goof off" aspect of the title. I thought the variety of the missions also suffered. It's not a bad game by any means, but I just felt it coulda been so much more after playing San Andreas.

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