The new standard for all WoW-inspired machinimas

TVGB: "Even if you've only recently emerged from your sensory deprivation chamber, you've probably heard of Machinima, the art of creating miniature animated flicks from the nuts and bolts of existing gameworld graphics engines. This emergent genre of film is a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of gamers, but it's also sometimes a testament to these same individuals' inability to manipulate characters or organize storylines beyond a silly dance or witty repartee."

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Hal Emmerich3517d ago

No I've never heard of machranamamnari

Godmars2903517d ago

But WoW's already said it for me :p

Don't bother making a comment until you've watched the movie XD

DeadGirls3516d ago

1. Ok. Pretty decent editing and direction, but the story was boring and the music was terrible(and didn't fit).
2. If you are going to spend that much time animating by hand, why bother making a machinima (especially with WoW's dated engine). Isn't the whole point of machinima to tell a short story without having to create all your own models, set pieces, and (in this case) animations?

I didn't find this video nearly as clever, amusing, or entertaining as some of the other WoW machinimas I've seen before--