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Submitted by Xbox18000 2595d ago | news

Playstation 3 Games of 2009

Just in time for 2009, has compiled a list of all the games for the Playstation 3 slated for a 2009 release. There are several exclusives on the list as well. (2 Days to Vegas, Doom 4, Killzone 2, PS3)

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sanamsingh  +   2595d ago
IzKyD1331  +   2595d ago
Xbox 360 Exclusives of 2009:
Halo: ODST
Halo Wars
Alan Wake

Ummmmm yeah, can't think of anymore....
UnSelf  +   2595d ago
wth is this odst i keep hearing, the only halo i heard coming out besides halo wars is Halo: Recon, wth is ODST?
Figboy  +   2595d ago
Halo: ODST is the new name for Halo: Recon
the problem with announcing things too early is that the name is subject to change at any moment, which can lead to confusion.

Folklore had this happen to.

at first it was called Forgotten Realms, then Folk Soul, then finally Folklore.

it's really annoying when that happens.
Hububla  +   2595d ago
Shouldnt war devil be bold...
i thought it was exclusive
Coffin87  +   2594d ago
what about a new team ico project?
okay, maybe it won't make it in 2009.. damn that would be sad!!
ThatCanadianGuy  +   2595d ago
Lord of the rings conquest
Godfather 2
Dynasty warriors 6:Empires
Killzone 2

And then i'll be all set and good till infamous,heavy rain,Uncharted 2 start to roll out :)
morganfell  +   2595d ago
I have Killzone2, LotR, Infamous, Rogue Warrior (Did some work with that title), Alpha Protocol, GOW3, and Uncharted2 already paid. I'll get others once dates are more certain.
Hal Emmerich  +   2595d ago
Dynasty Warriors 6, ugh. We all have diffierent tastes I guess but I goddamn hate Koei just rehashing the same game.

Anyone know what's happened to L.A. Noire? Or the two Rockstar projects?
morganfell  +   2595d ago
Still in the running as far as we know. Rockstar is anxious to show what they can do with a game when they have a guaranteed HDD and are not chained down by last gen DVD9.
NJShadow  +   2595d ago
I can't wait for the Sega Genesis Collection. =) I just hope it has online compatibility. How incredibly awesome would Streets of Rage be online with co-op!? =D
MaximusPrime  +   2595d ago
i want sonic the hedgehogs 1-3 in pure HD ;)
Iceberg032  +   2595d ago
That is
a heck of a list I don't got money for all the games I want but Iam getting Street fighter 4, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, And God of War III and I will be good for the whole year!!
PS-3PO the Droid  +   2595d ago
PS3 2009 lineup looks awesome!
Another MLB game! Oh sweet a new one.. FAT PRINCESS! And lets not forget "Eye pet: your virtual pet"!

Bummer, looks like another dull year for the droids.
MUNKYPOO  +   2595d ago
wow! thats a lot of games
Unicron  +   2595d ago
I really hope Darksiders and Infamous turn out solid. Now that MGS4 has gone, and God of War is a ways off, I need a non-FPS action fix until Uncharted 2!
liquidsnake  +   2595d ago
Infamous allready looks great and I'll get it first day. Now I hope darksiders turns out great as well, since that's the only God of War lookalike game in a while and I need a good hack n slash game.
Liquid Snake  +   2595d ago
I can't wait for The Agency. The only MMO that looks intresting and ITS FREE!.

The list is a bit outdated its says Tekken 6 is an exclusive also some games that are exclusive arnt marked as so. Eg. FFVS13, Noby Noby Boy, L.A. Noire (Sony partly funded Rockstar until they pulled out, its being stated as PS3 exclusive unless otherwise stated by Rockstar which they havent stated otherwise)
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Hal Emmerich  +   2595d ago
Is the Sega Genesis Collection PS3 exclusive?

If GOW3, Heavy Rain, infamous, Killzone 2, WKC, R&C Future Sequel, Gran Turismo 5, Uncharted 2, FF Versus, Quantum Theory, Team Ico Project, Wardevil, The Agency, Studio Liverpool Project, DC Universe Online, Twisted Metal and MAG all come out next year, it's going to be one hell of a year.

BTW I'm not seriously suggsting all of them will make 09 but it shows just how much stuff is coming. (:
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liquidsnake  +   2595d ago
I actually hope that they don't since that is alot of games to fund for me. And that list you made doesn't even have the multiplats included.
ZombieNinjaPanda  +   2595d ago
That's a long list!

Sadly many games are TBA (to be announced) still quite a long list.
Cajun Chicken  +   2595d ago
That is a very exciting list!
If that Jak game is confirmed real, I'm going to be the happiest guy alive, also isn't Infamous out around the same time as Prototype?
OSIRUSSS  +   2595d ago
Where is Identify?
Hal Emmerich  +   2595d ago
It's vapourware for sure my friend, nothings been said about it in years.
Cajun Chicken  +   2595d ago
I think it exists in some form, but it isn't Eyedentify as we know it anymore. At least I hope so, as I said in an earlier thread, it had a really good concept, it would be a shame to waste that idea.
bviperz  +   2595d ago
Another year, another empty wallet...

Happy New Year Gamers!
Blackcanary  +   2595d ago
want them now lol
Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier
Ratchet and Clank Future Sequel [untitled]
are the games i can't wait to play. the most.
Cajun Chicken  +   2595d ago
I'd personally love 2009 to be the year the Platformer as we know it returns.
Lord Shuhei Yoshida  +   2595d ago
Excellent.Clear blue skies and AAA exclusives are all I see on the Playstation 3 in the future.I only see flops for the 3FIXME in its final months of its long coma
Sangria  +   2595d ago
I'm doubting about some of those games.
Dirty Harry, Doom 4, Eyedentify, Factor 5's secret game, Gran Turismo 5, Jak & Daxter, L.A. Noire, Omikron 2, Sin City, TimeSplitters 4, Twisted Metal, etc...

Some have been announced years ago and not any news from now, others has been only rumored and never announced, others have been announced without release date, not even a year,.... So much games of this list are still uncertain.
EastCoastSB  +   2595d ago
Just want KZ2, then I'll turn my attention to the other exclusives. I can wait for the other ones once I have my hands on Killzone 2
ultimolu  +   2595d ago
Oh sweet Jesus...spare my purse! D:

That's a LOT of games!

Street Fighter IV
Resident Evil 5
God of War III
Gran Turismo 5
Uncharted 2
White Knight Chronicles

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BigKev45  +   2595d ago
Weak list for exclusives except for Killzone 2 & Uncharted 2.
MasFlowKiller  +   2594d ago
i havent hears that much buzz from Microsoft 09 line - up and i dont even think Nintendo has anything plan for the wii the only think i hear it the possibility for a new Zelda game, i think this weak line up looks pretty damn good as compare to its competitors line up but thatz just as of now.
Hal Emmerich  +   2595d ago
I want to know what Studio Liverpool are working on, it can't just have been Wipeout for the last 2 years surely
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interrergator  +   2595d ago
hope they announce twisted metal soon
jaybdemented  +   2595d ago
DC Universal Online
The Agency
Twisted Metal

I'm not going to have any time to play them, but I'm getting them all.
NegativeCreep427  +   2595d ago
Microsoft Butt Buddy testimonial: But...But...But...The BS3 has NO GAMES!!!!!!!!! IT HAS NO GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's what my mommy told me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JEDIaNIN  +   2595d ago
Top 9 of 09 prediction
9)Ratchet & Clank sequel
8)Resident Evil 5
6)Heavy Rain
5)Fat Princess
4)Uncharted 2
3)Killzone 2
2)Final Fantasy 13
1)God of War 3
aco  +   2595d ago
Uncharted 2
Killzone 2
Final Fantasy 13
God of War 3
Heavy Rain

these games will define where ps3 stand in 009...
Strife Lives  +   2594d ago
Wtf ? ? awesomeness !
Besides the cool exclusives,did you see MODERN WARFARE 2 ? ! ?
MasFlowKiller  +   2594d ago
I dont think
I dont think well see all this tittle in 09 but i think sony is set to have the strongest line-up in 09 just line we did in 08.
labwarrior  +   2594d ago
360 exclusives for 2009
== Site with screenshots for all the below ==

======== Xbox 360 exclusives & PC/360 only games ===============

======== Western RPG's ===============

================= Fable 2 expansions ===============
(pics from December one, but i bet will be more in 2009)

================= Divinity 2 ===============

================= Mass Effect 2 (pics from ME1, but since it is a sequel will look even better) ===============


================= Two Worlds Temptation ===============

Xbox360 video

Other videos
Video 1 SD:
Video 1 HD:
Video 2 SD:
Video 2 HD:


================= Venetica ===============

================= Precursors ===============

================= Dungeon Hero ===============

================= White Gold ===============

================= Risen ===============

================= Fallout 3 exclusive expansion ===============

3 expansions

=================== Japanese RPG's ===============

================= Star Ocean 4 ===============

================= Cry On (Mistwalker) ===============

=================== Startegy ===============

================= Kingdom Under Fire 2: Dominion ===============

HD video

================= Halo Wars ===============

=================== Adventure ===============

================= Alan Wake ===============

HD video

================= Theseis ===============

Downloadable previews

================= Action - Ninja Blade ===============

================= Survival - Dead Island ===============

================= Stealth - Splinter Cell Conviction ===============

================= Shooter =...
midgetsanx  +   2594d ago
Its a human advertisment.
"Multiplatforms you can play ONLY on 360 for just 199$ (PC/360/PS3 or PS3/360"

+ There is no Xbox 360 in Playstation 3. If you really want to show off a list..Go post on a blog or site about XBOX 360 Exclusives and Multiplat. Games..
mxdan  +   2594d ago
Star Ocean 4's visuals aren't as impressive as I thought they would be judging by the trailer... Alan wake looks like a cool game and so does thesis.

Most of those games won't be out in 2009 though, and most of them aren't going to be that good..

Also beyond good and evil 2 will probably be a ps3 exclusive and it won't be out in 2009.

Lastly Nothing has been said on mass effect 2.
Sully  +   2594d ago
reported labwarrior under Spam, i suggest everybody does the same.
J-Train  +   2594d ago
get a life labwarrior
go outside and see what the world has to offer
xwabbit  +   2594d ago
Holy crap ps3 has a lot :/
Tacticity  +   2594d ago
The funny thing is
Wii and Xbox owners always complain about how exspensive the PS3 is and that is has no games at all. When they dont own a PS3 themselves that dont know sh!t. The reason why the PS3 is so exspensive is because its future proof it lasts longer then Wii and Xbox combined, people know this from the PS1 and PS2 days. Its so much more then just a gaming machine. People that dont understand this has a big f!cking problem. Big things are about to change now in 2009 and 2010. Thats just how it is.
gameraxis  +   2594d ago
some reason
i don't see factor 5's project 2 taking form, lol i dunno why i just don't
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