Was 2008 The Year of The 360 or PS3?

"This year has definitely been one of the most amazing years for gaming to date. With the release of many amazing titles like Gears of War 2, LittleBigPlanet, Metal Gear Solid 4, and much more, there is no debate it has been an amazing year." -

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sanamsingh3431d ago

But Resistance 2 is GOTY IMO, surpassing Gears 2 and Left 4 Dead as the best shooter.

And just wait for Killzone 2.

kiraevo3431d ago

It's a tie. Both systems had amazing exclusive games. Give it another year, I would say PS3 will dominate in 2009.

MUNKYPOO3431d ago

i would have to say metal gear solid 4 imo

Panthers3431d ago

When it comes to Co-Op, R2 takes the cake.

NaiNaiNai3431d ago

when it comes to co-op it goes to L4D, and you know it, doesn't matter if its on pc or the 360 the game has amazing co-op and you cant deny that.

also this year is a split. why, both systems had great games, same goes for next year, i don't see a system of the year, coming out anymore, why, way to many amazing games going out for both consoles.

SonyOwnsNextYear3431d ago

2008 marked the year when alot of underhand schemes came to light.

2008 also is the year in which the ps3 showed what some "o.k." programming can do.

Bring on 2009. I hope more "closed door deals" get exposed.

Milky Joe3431d ago

You know what my New Year's Resolution is going to be? It's going to be "Don't get involved in these things anymore."

So this will be my last comment on any of this console war BS:

I was more than happy with how the PS3 did. It provided me with good games that kept me going all year. That's all I need to care about.

jwatt3431d ago

I think it was a tie, the ps3 started off good with Blu Ray winning and Metal gear and I think the 360 finished off great with Gears. I honestly feel that they both were equal in 2008.

Blademask3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

You'd think you would go by the game quality yea?

2008 the PS3 took in my opinon due to:

MGS4/LBP/GT5p(yessss)/Motorst orm2/WipeoutHD/MLB08/ValkyrieC h ronicles/KZ2bet(ya ya ya)/

MGS4 is the best game I have ever played in my life Second to MGS on the ps1. There is no other game that matches MGS4 in any way. MGS4 doesn't even have trophies and people have recorded 3+Playthroughs. Its different every time you play. Everything starts and ends the same, but how you get there, who you don't kill, changes each time. I love it.

Mgs4 defines what true Next Generation was supposed to be. Second to none everything, which no game can state. And amazing replay value. Yea some have nifty unreal engine graphics, but they dont combine the story/scale/productionvalues/l ength/oh my GOD factor that MGS4 had.

Gears2 was good, but uh, not exactly in the same arena. It was pretty much the first game with stuff we saw from UT3.. No one will be playing it over and over again to take different paths.. or anything of the sort. Y ou play through the meh story once, then login online.

Dead Space was a waayyyy better game than Gears2 was. Amazing graphics/leveldesign/atmospher e/sound-design/story. and *gasp* NO online. Its this years bioshock but far far farrrr better.

As far as if you go by Metacritic scores, which Microsoft goes by. The PS3 had a better 2008.

But thats subjective if you personally don't like any of the games. Look at GTA4 for example. Highly Rated, but.. terrible terrible terrible game.


Nothing against gears. Just saying I cant pretend to be amazed by it after playing MGS4/DeadSPace/Gears1.

Neoraf3431d ago

More 360 hardware sales.
More software sales.
More million sellers.
Better attach rate.
Greatest online service.
NXE is a great evolution.
Growing gap between 360 and PS3 sales.

360 dominated 2008 in the HD market.

Hal Emmerich3431d ago

It was the 360's year because of sales and attach rate? Sales don't mean s**t, if you were going to say why it was 360's year at least say because of Gears, Fable and Left 4 Dead.

It was the 360's year because of its higher attach rate, that's bull****.


i am sorry , but i don't agree. R2 was nothing special. i played it believing all the stuff the fans were saying.. ok, co-op was fun, but there was nothing else special about it. i was very disappointed with it. and before anyone says anything i was just as disappointed with gears 2.

as far as any game with a gun goes.. MGS 4 was the best the ps3 had to offer in my book.

still, my best game this year was dead space. and since that was multiplat, i call it a tie.

yes i do believe that 2009 will be a great year for the ps3 and i hope that killzone to does meet expectations ( the only game i see that may out do it will be COD modern warfare 2 ).

R2 is a game i wish every xbox owner could play in hd, just so they can see how it looks graphically and i would love to know what they think. i think if R2 was an xbox exclusive it would not be praised as much. thats just my opinion.

yes, and just incase anyone missed what i said the first time... i didn't think much of gears 2 either ( you can check my past posts on it )

UnSelf3431d ago

if u need to ask this then its clear ur not a gamer

The Lazy One3431d ago

You have to clarify whether it's from a business or pleasure standpoint.

Pleasure is pretty close, and I'd say very few people fell wanting with their gaming needs between the two.

Business wise, I'd say the 360, because it's just started selling better around the world, and is continuing to trend better in the future. It's at a good price point with a pretty good lineup (comparable to last year at this time, and 2008 turned out great). From purely a business standpoint, M$ should be feeling a lot more comfortable than Sony is with their console right now.

rubarb233430d ago

so I was more than happy with all the games that came out for both platforms. Although I prefer my 360 over my ps3, I gotta say MGS 4 was......I can't explain it. I would say it was amazing, but even then I find that description doesn't do it justice.
IMO R2 was boring. I liked the single player campaign better in R1. Gear's 2 campaign was better than 1, but is it just me or are the multiplayer graphics in Gears 1 better than Gears 2?
I have a Sony 52"W4100 1080p 120hz lcd and yeah, Gears 2 multiplayer graphics aren't as good as the 1st - just my opinion yo. Still love me my Gears 2 (horde).
Just a quick note to the PS fanbase, please stop saying 2009 will be the year of the PS3. You guys have been saying this 'wait til' crap since the PS3 came out and it's just getting silly. Just play your games on what ever machine you have and done.

Jazz41083430d ago

360 definitly ran away with RPG. and tatical strategy games by Sega do not fit in this category. Blue Dragon, Lost Odessey, Tales, Infinite Undiscovery, fallout 3, Last Remenant.

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MaximusPrime3431d ago

"So was 2008 the year of the 360 or PS3? It all depends on your gaming preferences because if you love shooters and that is mostly all you play, the 360 takes the cake, but if you like to play a wide range of games, the PS3 takes it."

Yep PS3 takes it. "wide range of games" that's what gamers want variety of games

Neoraf3431d ago

2008 360 Exclusives:

-- Shooter
Gears of War 2
Rez HD
Destroy All Humans! PotF

-- RPG
Tales of Vesperia
Lost Odyssey
Fable 2
The Last Remnant
Infinite Undiscovery

-- Platformer
Banjo-Kazooie Nuts&Bolts

-- FPS
Left 4 Dead
Portal:Still Alive

-- Simulation
Viva Pinata 2

-- Hack & Slash
Ninja Gaiden 2
Too Human
Castle Crashers

-- Party Game
You're in the movies
Scene It: Box Office

And that's only the Exclusives.
The WIDE RANGE of games = Xbox 360.

Nathan Drake3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

It was the year of the Playstation 3.

Cajun Chicken3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

Nice analysis, it was indeed a good year for the PS3, how the console changed.

In other news, everyone on N4G, happy new year!

Elimin83431d ago

I won.... as a gamer of course

Neoraf3431d ago

It was the year of the Xbox 360.

And we're not even talking about sales numbers!
Xbox 360 dominated.

Hal Emmerich3431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

You just listed every 360 exclusive you could think of...

Last Remnant? Banjo? REZ? Too Human???

I could say it was PS3s year because of Novastrike, Haze and Brain Challenge, if you're going to use logic like that.

...And listing NXE, I mean wtf I could use the PS Store redesign and the Video service by the logic also

Neoraf3431d ago

And that's exactly what little boy Nathan Drake did!
PS video store... :)

NXE is WAY more than a dashboard redesign.
It is really a New Xbox Experience.

HDD disc tranfer.
Party mode.
Avatars ingame (Uno, Scene It, Kingdom for Keflings, etc).
Netflix Streaming.

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Nick2120043431d ago

You guys need to look at in all perspectives though. Gears of War 2 is an AMAZING game and if you have yet to play it you can not really say that Resistance 2 is better. The Xbox 360 had an amazing year as well as the PS3 but what determines who had the better year is all dependent on your gaming preferences.

Unicron3431d ago

I agree with your preferences comment. But to be honest, Resistance 2 AND Gears 2 let me down for different reasons. Both are solid games, but I really think R1 was better than R2, and I really think Gears 2 blew it with online competitive in its sequel. Then again, I'm very picky about my online gaming, and it's been hard to pull me away from CoD4!

Kamikaze1353431d ago

Yeah, but that's only one game. PS3 had:

Resistance 2
Metal Gear Solid 4
Awesome Warhawk DLC
Disgaea 3
Valkyria Chronicles
Destroyed HD DVD format
2.4 update was great
Video store which gets updated so constantly
Home was actually released
A bunch of great PSN and PS1 games
Bioshock and some pretty neat exclusive DLC for it
The MGS DLC for LittleBigPlanet was surprising

Oh yeah, this was the year of the PS3. Next year will be even better =D. That's not to say the 360 and Wii didn't have a great year as well. Overall, yes, the PS3 DID win 2008, but, the winner of 2008 really depends on each person and their perspective on each console.

Nick2120043431d ago

WOW I disagree completely with Resistance 1 being better than Resistance 2 even though it is opinion. Neither have I heard anyone else say that. Resistance supports 60 people instead of 40, 8 player co-op, better graphics, and the story might not be that great but is not much worse compared to resistance 1.

Unicron3431d ago

Well my reason is this. I wasn't a fan of R2 co-op. I wanted to be able to do the story itself with a friend. I replayed R1 at least 5 - 6 times with my buddy, harder and harder difficulties. R2? I struggled to get through once, because it just bored me. I miss the weapon wheel a bunch as well. The 60 player skirmish doesn't do it for me, since it degrades to "run here, then there." There's very little skill involved. The graphics are indeed better, yes, but it feels like its missing "soul" to me.

rubarb233430d ago

Dude, I totally agree with your R2 opinion. I felt the same way. It feels like it's missing a soul. As stupid as that sounds, all I know is I had a WAY better time playing R1 and I was looking forward to R2. I was so bummed when I was playing R2 and felt like there was something missing. I couldn't finish the game, in all honesty it bored the crap out of me. Oh well maybe R3 will be better.

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PimpHandHappy3431d ago

PS3 all day
they just had more and a couple real great ones

in terms of news its the 360
selling like crazy over the holidays
now cheaper then a Wii
Disk damage

Kamikaze1353431d ago (Edited 3431d ago )

Yeah, the PS3 won this year in terms of software, but the 360 won in terms of news. The Wii raped everybody in terms of sales....even though Microsoft and Sony are using their imagination and pretending as if the Wii doesn't even exist =)