A Holiday Message From Criterion Games

PSBlog: "One last post from Criterion Games, before we disappear for our Christmas break, but don't panic! We're back on January 9th with a big update on what 2009 has in store for everybody's favorite driving game!"

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Violater3517d ago

Really hope it sold well.

Nathan Drake3517d ago

To date it's done over 400,000 in sales across both platforms

blu3print3517d ago

I was expecting way more than that

Bnet3433517d ago

400,000 is pretty low for a game of this caliber.

Unicron3517d ago

It's unfortunate that quality and sales don't go hand in hand. Well crafted titles such as this deserve sales more, in my opinion, than most of the buggy "AAA" releases we had this winter.

BattleAxe3517d ago

I don't want to hear about Burnout, I want them to start on Black 2.

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MaximusPrime3517d ago (Edited 3517d ago )

Burnout Paradise did very well. Criterion won many awards for best PS3 driving game.

wtg Criterion!

I dont know, i never keep track on 360 driving games of the year or any other games of the year. I'd be surprised if Burnout Paradise wins 360 driving game award.

Bnet3433517d ago

What was the game that beat it out for Best 360 driving game?

NJShadow3517d ago

I really applaud Criterion for having such an excellent year. In my opinion, they were the developers of the year. All the free DLC on top of some outstanding online and offline gameplay made it a game that I always end up going back and playing. Congrats on a year, as well as a job well done. Can't wait for new DLC in 2008!

Unicron3517d ago

Thank you Criterion for being a stand up team and supporting your game. The quality was already there, but adding new content and Trophy support for free was just awesome. You guys really understand how DLC SHOULD work, and I for one WILL be buying your car packs in 2009.

Now, please please give me a sequel to Black! I just started replaying it, and it does so much right, most of all the FEEL and SOUND of the guns! Please Criterion!

kavkazip3517d ago

n4g you post this article but refuse to tell the world about all the zunes that froze today and fail to tell consumers about microsofts faulty hardware they sell but encourage it , sometimes you even force it on people and make them believe its their only choice . I hope you and the other large media outlets get put on trial and charged for spreading Proporganda and lies to consumers on a large scale

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