The LA Times' Attempt At Making The Perfect Game

From the LA Times article: "Of the hundreds of games that came out in 2008 -- and of the dozens of truly great games we played at Game Day HQ -- each was flawed.

Though some were lacking more than others (yes, we're talking to you, Star Wars: Clone Wars -- Lightsaber Duels), for every engrossing hour spent gaming there was always that errant control option or poorly rendered cut-screen that created the blemish on perfection. So what then makes the ultimate game, one so shining that even the most curmudgeonly critic would find no flaw?

Assuming the role of Dr. Frankenstein, we've assembled a list of the most important, defining qualities of the games we liked best over the last 12 months. And if those qualities were combined into one title, that game would be as close to perfect as possible. The recipe for our flawless game includes:"

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