Blu-Ray Review: 'Resident Evil: Degeneration' Dead on Arrival

With the latest Resident Evil movie behind us and the next game looming ahead, flick Resident Evil: Degeneration sounds like perfect filler. But at least one critic says it's little more than a 96-minute cutscene.

Not as much fun as the Milla Jovovich movies and not nearly as well-conceived or written as the games, "Degeneration" feels like an afterthought, stuck between the world of the movie trilogy and the world of some of the best games ever made. Without the B-movie charm of the former or the blockbuster action of the latter, "Resident Evil: Degeneration" ends up as the last thing fans of the "RE" movies or games usually think of their beloved franchise, forgettable.

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Valkyrie833485d ago

I actually liked the movie, I think people (reviewers) came in expecting too much.....and thus were disappointed!

Bnet3433485d ago

Movie sucked ass. The faces of the characters were cool, but they had South Park-ish arms and the animations were jerky as hell. The actual plot sucked balls. The indian friends of Claire were a little bit gross. You'd think she'd hang out with some hot chicks. At least they teased a little of Tricell.

MorganX3485d ago

I watched it tonigh actually. Though it was great. Much better than any of the RE movies which to me weren't RE at all. The were horrid, beneath Uwe Bolle level. Milla's hot though, but I'd rather see here in Fifth Element for the 100th time.

The pacing was good and the animation was good. Not sure about the indian friends of Claire being gross. What was gross about them, that they were Indian or Claire's friends? What am I missing? The fact that they were there at the end to give her a ride was poor cheesy writing but she save the little girl in the airport and the little girl was at said airport with her Indian aunt???????

The only major criticisms I have are, very weak and feeble bonus materials and Chris' character was a little stoic, i.e. no Personality. But, if you like RE, you should enjoy the movie.

ThanatosDMC3484d ago

Great movie! Action parts were superb. Leon S Kennedy PWNS!

I hated the drama part when the house was burning right infront of the chick. Leon doesnt even flinch anymore at the sight of these monstrosity. It's like his job is to annihilate them.

MorganX3484d ago

I said Chris, but I meant Leon. Not flinching is the problem. His character seemed lifeless most of the time. His best moments were when he got the hots for Angela, at least then he showed emotion.

joemayo763484d ago

yea movie was okay for a distraction, but was it jus me or did the tyrant look like it was claymation in some scenes??? (mostly refering to the clunky movement of it in some scenes)

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DarkBlood3485d ago

yeah i love this movie and makes sense with the games and it was more resident evil 2 stylish just with more people who aren't dead and it has the clues to figure out stuff till you find out this particular thing is not what you thought it was but it was an awsome mix of re 2 and re 4 in a way

and i loved the trailer for re5 game and seeing that tricell is invovle in it im more interested in seeing how wesker is doing behind all of this

Kevin McCallister3485d ago

I haven't had the chance to watch Degeneration yet, but if you want a great movie to usher in your new year, watch Troll 2. Quite possibly the greatest movie ever made.

Baka-akaB3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

I stopped right after the "Not as much fun as the Milla Jovovich movies" ... (well not really but you get the geist) .

Degeneration was fine , it just looks like a bunch of CG ripped from a non existing resident evil .
If you consider it that way , more a game than a true movie , it's fine enough .
I also cant agree with the "not nearly as well-conceived or written as the games" line , half of those game are a joke plot wise , with the exception of RE1 , Code veronica and RE4 .

Besides those complaining about the animation and cg quality , get over yourself , it's a direct to dvd .
You wont get much more , unless it's some big stuff like Advent children

OOG3485d ago

nah this movie was basically piss poor...the story had nothing to it....the movie seemed to not even be impressive...I have been more intrigued by 2 min cutscenes from the actual games then this movie....

It just seemed lack luster and the whole time I felt like I was waiting for it to go into a game for me to play....ooooo and the voice acting was kinda sad.....and not too much good action which was kind of weird....I expected to see more over the top action....

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