PS3 Games Of 2009 - Part II PS3 Attitude returns with Part II of the PS3 Games of 2009.

Thanks to all those who mailed pointing out the games we missed in Part I we've added a further 50 PS3 games to the list. Is it now the exhaustive catalogue of the PS3's offerings in 2009?

Probably not.

The entire article is spread out over four articles (this being 2 of said 4) and lists all the known games alphabetically. This list starts at F and goes all the way up to L. Expect Killzone 2, L.A. Noire, Fat Princess, Final Fantasy XIII, God of War III and many many more.

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Obama3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Nobody can deny that ps3 has more killer exclusive games than any other competition in 2009 at the moment. It is a fact.

morganfell3513d ago

Tell me you aren't seriously trusting an article that has a game in it that has been officially CANCELED. Highlander WAS a multiplatform game and has been officially killed.

Besides, where are games like inFamoius in this article?

Brodiesan3513d ago

Two quick points: Highlander is not OFFICIALLY cancelled. If you can find me the OFFICIAL cancellation notice from Eidos I'll remove it from the list.

It got removed from a lot of game lists because it was apparently pushed into 2009.

inFamous is in the article. It's right after Indiana Jones - another game that might not see the light of day but it makes the list as it's not officially canned - yet.

morganfell3513d ago

Eidos has notified all outlets the game was pulled. Ask them.

Brodiesan3513d ago

I've sent a mail to the PR company today for comment though I don't expect a reply until next week. If a mail was sent (and I'm not saying it wasn't) it hasn't been recorded as a press release in the usual place where such missives are kept. It happens.

I've updated the synopsis for Highlander to state that it is possibly cancelled and will remove it entirely as soon as I get confirmation.

Hal Emmerich3513d ago

L.A. Noire I think will go multi-platform, but Rockstar are rumoured to be working on a PS3 exclusive title, it's all good...

Brodiesan3513d ago

L.A. Noire may go multi.

As for Rockstar's PS3 exclusive game. It didn't make the list purely because there is absolutely no information about it (and is unlikely to make 2009 though - who knows).

Team Ico's game did make the list because there's a little more information about it and there's a good chance it will surface next year.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3513d ago

Looks like another terrific year for the PS3.Too bad xbot sheep



I feel sorry for the bots this year however, they have NO games at all. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahaha

Xbox Street Gang3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Dammit! I wish my 360 was a PS3...

I want most of the games on the PS3 anyways, why do you think I always celebrate when a PS3 exclusive goes multi? Or buy an HD movie playing add-on for my 360? Or download WHOLE games even though installing is stupid and I prefer playing my favorite games, even on 4 SEPARATE discs?

Back to...Gears...I guess...

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The story is too old to be commented.