A Critical Look Back at Dead Space

Kombo writes: "EA's Dead Space launched on October 21st to rave reviews. Today its Metacritic rating stands at 89. It seems that people don't have enough good things to say about Dead Space. Much of this praise is well earned as Dead Space is the best next-gen survival horror game now on the market. EA's Redwood Shores Studio has completed a massive achievement in launching a critically and commercially successful new franchise. However, it all seems slanted, major reviews don't critique in a meaningful manner. Since Dead Space has already been confirmed to be the first in a series, we the gamers are integral in helping the developers "fix" their game. If they look to the major outlets reviews they won't find much help. I won't say any names, but most reviews simply nitpicked to find their critique on the game. One prominent review actually named a flaw and then justified its existence! It seems a little ridiculous."

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Hellsvacancy3432d ago

I know wot i like and i new a year in advance that Dead Space will totally rock and it did Goty for me

My Goty would of been Fallout 3 untill i got to level 20Xp the cap sucks balls it was a big let down i hope they remove it

Bnet3433432d ago

I loved Dead Space! Being a Resident Evil fan, I was hoping for some good horror games. I was waiting for Alone in the Dark, but that was crap and I didn't even bother with Silent Hill Homecoming. I'm glad Dead Space was there to fill the void.

NJShadow3432d ago

The ONLY real gripe I had about this game was the endless limb stomping and how you HAD to target the limbs in order to get a quick effective kill, even though you could still take it out with enough blows to the body. Other than that, this was a top notch game. The opening sequence where the first "alien" jumps down into the quarantine room was incredible.

rogimusprime3432d ago

room in the beginning was great. I stayed and watched a little too long after they told you "ISSAC! RUN!" and got ambushed right when i ran through the first door.

Scared me Sh*tless...

It's been a long time since I've been scared to go into the next room a-la-resident evil 1&2.