1998 vs 2008: How Has Gaming Changed in 10 Years?

Seeing as it took almost 40 years for movies to learn how to talk, gaming hasn't exactly shuffled its feet. It hasn't even been 40 years since Computer Space became the first commercial game, and what began as little more than dandruff on a black screen is already threatening photo-, audio- and physical realism. So let's look closer at how times have changed, starting with the year that gave people Dana International, 1998.

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Bnet3433519d ago

July 1998 ... in the mid-western town of Raccoon City ... :) But yes, gaming has changed significantly, especially online gaming.

majorsuave3499d ago

"Now, for little more than pocket change, you can digest all the ignorance and bile in the “civilised” world, then add the authors to your “friends list” so you can play them at videogames. And you can read these words, of course, you lucky, hateful bastards."

hehehe, that alone makes it a worthy read.