Police arrest teen after alleged online suicide threats

A 17 year-old boy was arrested on Monday for pretending to be suicidal over the video game World of Warcraft. The Middletown, Ohio teen is being charged with a first-degree misdemeanor for "inducing a panic" after patrol officers and paramedics rushed to his home.

Middletown Police reported that the boy said it as a joke to attempt to get free virtual items from the Blizzard representative. Instead, the stunt yielded him no free items, but did land him in a patrol car.

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metalhead3427d ago

Wierd I live really close to this town. Strange things can happen in the Oxford/Middletown/Hamilton Ohio area

Maxned3427d ago

Dumbest law: Committing suicide is illegal.


Oh no. I might go to jail.. after I.. die....?

Panthers3427d ago (Edited 3427d ago )

I thought that was a fake name... Middletown. Like middle of nowhere. Just something the writer came up with. LOL Thats a cool name.

ambientFLIER3427d ago

There's a Middletown, CT, and Middletown, NY, which I live by.

Hal Emmerich3427d ago

Whats that I hear?

Why it's Jack Thompson...

Unicron3427d ago

I despise Jack Thompson. He uses people for HIS agenda and has NO respect. A well known poster on the MGS4 Gamefaqs forum and MGS:TUS sadly committed suicide due to family problems 2 years back. He was a nice guy and a solid acquaintance of mine.

Jack Thompson, of course, attempted to use the situation for his own agenda. Disgusting human being he is.

Yi-Long3427d ago

... instead of being influenced by Jack Thompson.

GTA4 I can explain to my kid. Jack Thompson on the other hand... That guy is just a flat-out dumb egotistical idiot.

kavkazip3427d ago

n4g you post this article but refuse to tell the world about all the zunes that froze today and fail to tell consumers about microsofts faulty hardware they sell but encourage it , sometimes you even force it on people and make them believe its their only choice . I hope you and the other large media outlets get put on trial and charged for spreading Proporganda and lies to consumers on a large scale

Scotracer3427d ago

Do you even know how things are submitted to this site? Oh, you're not a contributor (of any sort, I must add) so you just assume its a faceless corporation out there to fulfil all your conspiracy needs?

Awookie3427d ago

Cops.... what a normal person should have done is check out the situation see he was just joking say you should not do that and leave without writing a report or anything

GlibGamer3427d ago

I disagree. Did you see the part where the little moron broke a law by making a false report? A first-degree misdemeanor? All because he wanted something for free in the game?

If you read it and think that behavior is acceptible (including the subsequent diversion of resources from REAL emergencies) then you need to reassess things. If you didn't read it, well, start reading please and save yourself the embarrasment of making silly statements disagreeing with the judgment of police officers on the scene.

Awookie3427d ago

False report? not sure what your talking about maybe you need to read the article or understand what a first degree misdemeanor means but first of all this kid is 17 and i am sure he is in bad terms with his family over this ridiculous situation that was blown out of proportion and i am sure you know many kids commit suicide over getting into trouble with the law from their family being "ashamed" ect of them so please go back into that shell of yours not questioning laws because your opinion is a waste of space

GlibGamer3427d ago

"your opinion is a waste of space"

Oh HO! Clever and snarky reply, my friend! However, you fail to comprehend what the article was saying. You know, the article from the LOCAL NEWSPAPER where the event happened? The one that hadn't had its fact twisted by a bunch of ignorant kids on the internet?

You might want to read it, it's a great piece of work!

Once you're done, I'll be happy to take your 500-word report on it. Go on now, get.

Back now? Good. This jackass had NO intent to kill himself, because he even stated to the police that it was a ploy to get free items out of pity from a GM. Don't come preaching to me about suicide and suicidal gestures/attempts, as it's very likely that I've got much more training and insight than you've got. Know why? I work with folks that are much higher risk for suicide than the Emo punks you're used to seeing.

"Oh, now that the cops got involved he's going to kill himself for sure!"

Good. One less idiot for society to burden itself with.

Awookie3427d ago

"This jackass had NO intent to kill himself" i have realized this from the start my whole point was that it is ridiculous that this kid got the re precautions he did.

Whats the difference between this and all the hate and murdering people say on xbox live? which is much more real with actual voice chat, I mean come on this kid got arrested for typing a few lines of text. Which i find shocking that its a law that this thing can happen and that the cop ethically arrested a kid for something like this

GlibGamer3426d ago

Well, I think the difference is that the GM decided to be proactive, had the user's info (address, etc) and the police in this individual's area took the call seriously.

Oh, and thanks for being civil with me on that last post. Props to you. Happy new year!

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ice_prophecy3427d ago

There is 2 things in this world that are abundant. Air and Idiots.

Jager3426d ago

Theres some more... Guns, Nukes, Bullets, and Anime :D

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